Nov 20, 2011

Novel: The Solutionists

So, for the first time ever, I actually got inspiration for a new book from a dream. I had an awesome dream this morning, and it gave me all these great ideas for a novel to add to my WIP list. Here's the makeshift cover and (a really long) synopsis.

For the last two thousand years, they have existed in the shadows, carefully guiding humanity in their desired direction. Using devices that defy time and space, they have weaved their designs into the leaders of human kind, using their skills and knowledge to remain only as figments of the human imagination. 

The year is 2034. With overpopulation, pollution, and greed threatening to devour the Earth, there seems to be little hope that the leaders of the world will unite to bring about change. But they deem it necessary, and thus, they will make it happen, no matter who they must bend to their wills in the process.

But when when one of their "clients" is found dead, they begin to suspect a spy has infiltrated their ranks. Calling upon their best and brightest, they create a task force bent on rooting out the corruption they fear has bloomed amongst them. 

But when they cannot trust themselves to do what is right for the Earth, how can they continue to do their duty to the planet? With war brewing on the horizon and the Earth quickly beginning to fall under the weight of the scourge that humanity has become, time is quickly running out. 


Warren Devonair, a Twister with a flawless record, finds himself called before the Grand Architects and given the order to lead the Inquisition task force. Forced to work side by side with the person he hates the most and stuck at the helm of a duty he cannot fail at, Warren finds the careful facade he's worn all his life begin to fall apart. And if he can't keep it together, his job, his life, and the world may just fall with him. 

Salen Burrick, a former criminal lawyer, now lives his life in the lowest periphery of society. He hasn't shown his face to his family in years. He left his practice without even a goodbye. But what could have possibly made a successful, happy man abandon his life? They did. He's always seen them, skirting around rooms like shadows, moving more quickly than any human being should move, whispering in the ears of people that never knew they were there. But Salen knows they're there. And he also knows what they don't. That there are other things there too. Things that no one sees but him. Things that gnaw right into people's souls and eat their minds alive. Things that should not exist but do. And Salen is entirely convinced that they are the reason these things are here, the reason these things broke him into a thousand pieces. And even if it takes him a lifetime, he will destroy them like they destroyed him.

Mona Clarkson had a life one time. It consisted of a loving fiance, a full scholarship to a prestigious university, and a caring family. But after her fiance abruptly left her to pursue a "more important" political career, the rest of her life seemed to leave with him. Now working hard to make ends meet and close to failing out of school, Mona's life is further destroyed by a pregnancy of mysterious origins. On the verge of an emotional breakdown, she forces herself to leave the home she's always known in the hope of starting a new (and better) one somewhere else. 

But there are many things in life that follow you until death. And Mona, Warren, and Salen are beginning to realize that.

They have stopped the world from falling apart for two thousand years. They have protected the collective knowledge of humanity for even longer. They have ended wars and created countries. They have started wars and destroyed kingdoms. And everything that they have done has saved the world.

They have always had all the answers.

They have always had all the power.

They have always been The Solutionists.

But nothing lasts forever.

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