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 1.) The Bombardiers 

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Genre: A dystopian science fiction story set in the not too distant future. 

Summary: The country of Altea has been praised for the last 56 years as being the perfect utopian society. In the nation's entire memory, there has never been a crime, never any poverty, never any unrest. The key word is memory. For the last 56 years, the Prime Executives of Altea have been altering the collective memory of its people, trapping them in an illusory world with false ideals and values. And not a single person knows this. Except Xi. Xi knows everything. And Xi intends to take the Executives down, no matter what the cost. Along the way, Xi gains a band of fellow outcasts intent on the same goal. And together, they become the feared, the hated, the despised, the loathed. They become The Bombardiers.


2.) Siphen (series)

Genre: A science fiction series set in a universe far from our own (yet closer than we'd like to admit). 

Main Series: Awakening, Remembrance, Enlightenment, Resistance, Repentance, Rebirth
Prequels: Genesis, Reverence, Salvation 

Overall Summary: It starts with Lilium Narksis. It ends with Lilium Narksis. In the middle, there is everything. And Lilium Narksis experiences it all. 

Awakening summary: Lilium Narksis was born with everything. He grew up with everything. Including a best friend the rest of his world wanted nothing to do with. After a horrifying vision leads to the destruction of that friendship, Narksis is left with a choice: keep to the life that his society gave to him or face the unknown. He chooses the latter. 

Remembrance summary: In his first two years in a brand new society, Narksis has learned a lot. But it's what he hasn't learned that has the potential to hurt him. And as the world around him seems to unravel at its very seams, he must again make a choice that has the potential to tear him away from the new world he's just learned to love. And he makes it.

Enlightenment summary: Twice, Lilium Narksis has allowed his life to crumble beneath him. And he vows not to let it happen again. With a war brewing that the threatens the entire known universe, Narksis makes the decision to stay, fight, and win, no matter what it costs him in the process. Unfortunately, he didn't realize just how much that would be.

Resistance summary: Lilium Narksis has learned a lot. But he still has a lot to learn. Every step he makes leads to new revelations that make him question himself and the people he's fighting with, as well as the people he's fighting against. When he begins to realize that the white and black have completely blurred into gray, he loses his ability to decipher right and wrong. And if he doesn't figure out which is which--and soon--the entire universe could come toppling down on top of him. 

Repentance summary: Lilium Narksis has a lot he's been sorry for in his life. And most of it has been left unreconciled. But when people from his past come back to haunt him, any illusions of stability he's allowed himself to have begin to crack under the pressure. He's made a lot of friends, however, and he uses them to stay afloat. Unfortunately, he's also made a lot of enemies. 

Rebirth summary: Lilium Narksis had a life, a complicated but full, meaningful life. And he was forced to watch it fall apart. Now, he has to rebuild it, piece by broken piece. And he has to do it quickly. Because if he fails to rebuild himself as the man he used to be in a mere few months, then everything will fall apart. Every life of every friend he's ever had. Every society he's ever come into contact with, and every one he hasn't. Everything will break apart. Everything in existence will cease to be so. And the only one who can stop that from happening is him. 


3.) The Solutionists 

Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller/Action

Summary: The years is 2034, and the world is beginning to crumble under the strain of pollution and impending war. But this is not a signal of the end. Instead, it is a signal for them to emerge once more. They have secretly guided society's leaders in the right direction for 2,000 years, and they don't intend to stop anytime soon. But when one of their "clients" is mysteriously killed, they begin to think there is a traitor in their midst. Calling upon their best and brightest, they put together a task force, whose soul purpose is to root out the corruption in their midst. But time for humanity is running out, and if The Solutionists can't solve their own problems in time, the Earth will crumble beneath their feet.


1.) The Legionnaire, and Other Poems

Genre: A poetry anthology encompassing several different but connected themes 


Short Stories

1.) Magistus 

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Genre: Sci-fi, Horror

Summary: Aya has been seeking him for months on end, scouring every inch of the digital realm for clues to his whereabouts. And when she finds his location, the Outer Edge, she goes there without question to finally meet him, face to face. But what begins as a search for the mystery man who's been perpetually plaguing her every waking thought quickly turns into a nightmare. The Outer Edge seems to have no laws. It's doors and stairs come and go. It's patrons don't seem to be of this world. At least, not Aya's world. After banding together with a group of trapped people just like her, she and the others attempt to navigate the dangers and pitfalls of the Outer Edge, desperately seeking escape. But the longer they're there, the more Aya begins to realize that there is no escape, that there are only three things in the Outer Edge:



And Magistus.


  1. Very interesting.

    I think the Bombardiers sounds pretty cool.

    I do have a question - how difficult do you find it to write several main characters? It appears that you write a couple of "groups" of people.

  2. You write great summaries. I'm intrigued by several of these. Let me get through NaNo, and I'll be exploring.


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