Feb 3, 2012

Introducing the 30 Minute Friday Link up!

Hey, bloggers and writers! I have an exciting announcement!

Over on 30 Minute Fiction, I've started a new weekly link-up/blog hop!

You can post any piece of fiction (or piece of a piece of fiction) that you've written anytime, anywhere, in any genre, in less than 30 minutes!

So head on over to

for the first

Seriously, go there now and post your stuff!

Feb 1, 2012

30 Minute Fiction: 2/1 Update (Short Stories, Novels, Poems, & More!)

So, you guys remember my announcement about 30 Minute Fiction, right? My new WordPress blog where I churn out a 30-minute-or-less piece of fiction every day? Well, it's been pretty successful thus far, and I've decided to include a weekly update for it here so that you Blogger people can keep up with it!

In the first week of 30 Minute Fiction, here's what was written:

1.) Dorian- A speculative sci-fi short story about the future of robotics and artificial intelligence

2.) An except from The Solutionist- Yes, that's right! The first thing I've written for it!

3.) The Division- a poem inspired by the dVerse Poets prompt, Undercurrents

4.) Judgment- By far my most popular piece of week one, a fantasy short story about Judgment itself

5.) 8 Minutes- a short, space opera sci-fi story about a ship in danger and the last hope for a civilization

6.) Rebound- a poem written for dVerse Poets latest open link light

7.) The beginning of Stolen- an excerpt from a novel you don't know much about, which also happens to be my only historical fantasy attempt

If you missed any (or missed the announcement of 30 Minute Fiction), please head on over and read them now!

Jan 27, 2012

Poetry: A Writer on the Internet

I wake, I rise, get up, and go
Sit down, turn on my Macbook Pro

Wait for the load screen and that sound
And watch my data come around

Meanwhile, I dress, put on my socks
Then click Mozilla Firefox

It starts at Yahoo; God knows why
Then it's to Gmail after two tries

My first mail loads, and so I wait
Good Lord, 158

Three from college, eighty spam
Delete them all like the God I am

Don't save a one, because you see
They're Amazon ads for crap TV

Log out, back in with a different name,
To see if I've hit tumblr fame

But no, alas, I'm in the sticks
Reblogging quotes and Sherlock pics

I try a poem, they're kinda stiff
So I get more notes on a silly gif

Two hours later, I realize
That tumblr's taken over my life

So I click away, I must escape!
If only to reach a similar fate

Cause I hit Cheezburger, their spell!
They've got me going LOL

God damn it all, I try again
And end up in my Blogger den

Thank goodness! Writing! Finally!
And yet, it is not meant to me

Cause I've got comments everywhere
On a post I did for a stupid dare

Wade through them all and reach the top
Realization: I have writer's block

Sigh, time to browse some more
Wonder what G+ has in store?

Ten million posts, ten thousand chats
And half of them are about cats

Check my circles, you might say!
You really think that can save the day?

This circle thing, I've heard of you
But I suck at it, so I've only got two

Sci-fi writers, like my awesome self!
And a generic category for everyone else

So Google+ goes down the drain
On to WordPress, you might claim

But I'm brand new on WordPress, see
So no one's ever heard of me

How about twitter? It never fails!
Until you get that frigging whale

Critique Circle, will you save the day?
No, you just want me to pay...

Or Facebook? Land of social ends!
The one on which I have no friends?

Fmylife? To have a fit?
Well, that's kinda accurate

Listverse! Wondrous lists of win!
A list of 80's songs again?

Head over to Not Always Right?
But I read them all the other night

Weather.com for a moment's gain?
Wonderful, it's going to rain

Screenrant? What is all that clout?
Apparently movies I don't care about

Fifty minutes later...I should sue...
I end up back on old Yahoo

"Articles" with 50 typos still
What I wouldn't give to kill...

And when I look up, I check the time
I put this line here just to rhyme

Close Firefox and go to class,
The internet can kiss my ass

But it knows that I'll be back later
My mind is such an effing traitor

I'll sit back down and stare again
Whilst writing nothing made of win

So here it is, my ode of fret
Of a writer on the internet

Jan 26, 2012

Started a New Blog! Presenting "30 Minute Fiction"

So, I have some exciting news! With my lack of writing initiative, I've decided to force myself to get into the habit of writing a lot of different stuff frequently.

So I started a Word Press blog! That's right, I know have a blog on Word Press.

Basically, I write something in 30 minutes or less and post it. Standard title is standard.

Anyway, I'm really excited about this! I'd love it if you'd guys would subscribe to 30 Minute Fiction! I promise I won't spam you with ten crap tons of crappy writing. I promise.

Although you're probably wondering what kind of stuff will end up there. Well, everything. Poetry. Short stories. Snippets from novels I'm working on. Random monologues that don't seem to have a place anywhere. Anything I think up and write in 30 minutes or less.

Personally, I think this is a fun exercise. What do you guys think?

I actually something up there already, a short story entitled "Dorian." If you time, I'd love it if you'd check it out and leave some comments. =)

In case you're still unsure, here's what the "About" page of 30 Minute Fiction has to say about it:


30 Minute Fiction is a blog dedicated to raw, unedited, uncensored, spur-of-the-moment fiction. Prose and poetry. Fantasy and Sci-Fi. G-rated and R. The genres don’t matter. The ratings don’t matter. What matters is that the fiction here is thought-incarnate. No worries about “which words to choose” and “showing not telling.” No getting hung up over a missing comma or a misused word.

This is not the publishing industry. This is the industry of imagination.

These are thoughts that are free flowing. These are words that are once-written, with all their mistakes and awkwardness and rampant uncomfortable disassociation to their ideas. These are characters with a hundred flaws or none at all. These are places with a million colors or no more than black and white. These are plots with a thousand points or a single point. These are things that makes perfect sense or complete nonsense.

30 Minute Fiction is not the place to come for perfection.

It’s the place to come for truth.

In mind.

In thought.

In writing.

-Nick Rolynd

Jan 22, 2012

Poetry: A Battle Hymn of Hearts

A line
A flash
A brief, quick clash
Zips through my mind 
As it burns to ash

A step
A trick
Pain for what I've done
To your detriment 

I walk
I fight
I won the right
To climb those steps
To the highest heights

I see
I hear
I have no fear
My chest is hollow
And my mind is clear

Once upon a time,
In a land we all know
There was a fiery battle 
With a stake in tow
Some won, some lost
But all were burned
Most by the ideals
Of which they'd learned

There was a time before
We were invincible
We were young and strong
Had basic principles
Our heads were in the clouds
Lost in pathetic ideals
Like the perfect little romance
No Achilles's heel

But after the fact
The past was black
We were all wounded
In the last attack
Scared and scarred
Missed and marred
Our hearts were a desert
With an endless far

Hope was a mirror
That was shattered in rage
Happiness, a cloud
Behind a mountain range
Safety had two faces
One black, one white
One the true redeemer
One a killer in the night

We tried, we failed
We couldn't prevail
We all fell prey 
To what life entails
And life is a puzzle
With a single missing piece
That binds us all to search
A infinite caprice 
A thought 
A dream
Not what it seems
Life is an endless war
Within an endless scheme

A search
A find
You'll lose your mind
Chasing your delusions
In never ending time 

I loved
I lost
I know the cost
This is my penance 
And not yours to accost

I stop
I start
This is my art
Screaming to the sky
A Battle hymn of hearts