Jan 22, 2012

Poetry: A Battle Hymn of Hearts

A line
A flash
A brief, quick clash
Zips through my mind 
As it burns to ash

A step
A trick
Pain for what I've done
To your detriment 

I walk
I fight
I won the right
To climb those steps
To the highest heights

I see
I hear
I have no fear
My chest is hollow
And my mind is clear

Once upon a time,
In a land we all know
There was a fiery battle 
With a stake in tow
Some won, some lost
But all were burned
Most by the ideals
Of which they'd learned

There was a time before
We were invincible
We were young and strong
Had basic principles
Our heads were in the clouds
Lost in pathetic ideals
Like the perfect little romance
No Achilles's heel

But after the fact
The past was black
We were all wounded
In the last attack
Scared and scarred
Missed and marred
Our hearts were a desert
With an endless far

Hope was a mirror
That was shattered in rage
Happiness, a cloud
Behind a mountain range
Safety had two faces
One black, one white
One the true redeemer
One a killer in the night

We tried, we failed
We couldn't prevail
We all fell prey 
To what life entails
And life is a puzzle
With a single missing piece
That binds us all to search
A infinite caprice 
A thought 
A dream
Not what it seems
Life is an endless war
Within an endless scheme

A search
A find
You'll lose your mind
Chasing your delusions
In never ending time 

I loved
I lost
I know the cost
This is my penance 
And not yours to accost

I stop
I start
This is my art
Screaming to the sky
A Battle hymn of hearts

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