Feb 3, 2012

Introducing the 30 Minute Friday Link up!

Hey, bloggers and writers! I have an exciting announcement!

Over on 30 Minute Fiction, I've started a new weekly link-up/blog hop!

You can post any piece of fiction (or piece of a piece of fiction) that you've written anytime, anywhere, in any genre, in less than 30 minutes!

So head on over to

for the first

Seriously, go there now and post your stuff!

Feb 1, 2012

30 Minute Fiction: 2/1 Update (Short Stories, Novels, Poems, & More!)

So, you guys remember my announcement about 30 Minute Fiction, right? My new WordPress blog where I churn out a 30-minute-or-less piece of fiction every day? Well, it's been pretty successful thus far, and I've decided to include a weekly update for it here so that you Blogger people can keep up with it!

In the first week of 30 Minute Fiction, here's what was written:

1.) Dorian- A speculative sci-fi short story about the future of robotics and artificial intelligence

2.) An except from The Solutionist- Yes, that's right! The first thing I've written for it!

3.) The Division- a poem inspired by the dVerse Poets prompt, Undercurrents

4.) Judgment- By far my most popular piece of week one, a fantasy short story about Judgment itself

5.) 8 Minutes- a short, space opera sci-fi story about a ship in danger and the last hope for a civilization

6.) Rebound- a poem written for dVerse Poets latest open link light

7.) The beginning of Stolen- an excerpt from a novel you don't know much about, which also happens to be my only historical fantasy attempt

If you missed any (or missed the announcement of 30 Minute Fiction), please head on over and read them now!