About Nick

If you've stumbled your way to this page, then you're probably wondering who the hell this crazy writer chick named Nick is, huh? If you just said "Wait, chick?!," then yeah, you're definitely in the right place.

To start with, Nick Rolynd is one of my pseudonyms, not my actual name (sorry to disappoint?). In reality, I'm a 19 year old college student, majoring in Business, minoring in Computer Science, and someone who has a very--very--overactive imagination, which led me to begin writing.

My overactive imagination, represented by a cloud.
To sum me up in as few words as possible for you "too long, didn't read (so why are you on a writing blog?)" people, I:
- like cats, pizza, coca cola, and black and white clothing.
- like modern poetry, science fiction, contemporary and urban fantasy, and action novels/shows/movies
- dislike math, most meat products, and both summer and winter.
- prefer fall and spring, riding roller coasters at amusement parks, and spending time on the internet.
- have two cats, Mocha and Maxwell, a Macbook, an iTouch, and a set of five small red wooden Buddhas.

And Mocha.
- plan to work in the international scene in the future, publish my novels (and perhaps my poetry), and own a home in a country that is preferably not the United States.
- am Agnostic and don't identify wholly with any mainstream political views.

And there you have it. The lazy people can go now.

For all you people who enjoy reading long, drawn-out biographies, here's a bit more.

 I've been writing sporadically for most of my life. But long before writing fiction was even a concept in my mind, I was thinking. All the time. All day. Everyday. And I've never stopped. I don't know what goes on in my brain exactly that makes me unable to stop thinking of fantastical, imaginary worlds and hundreds upon hundreds of characters so detailed they might as well be real people. And I probably never will.

But what I do know is that the only outlet I have for my overwhelming volume of ideas is writing. I've never been much of an artist, but I've been told my writing isn't too bad, and so that's what I intend to pursue. Where my ambitions will take me exactly, I don't know, but I do know that I can't be any worse off for at least attempting to interest the rest of the world in my ideas.

Random cloud picture to interrupt my wall o' text.

And, man, do I have a lot to interest it in. From epic science fiction universes that build upon everything from political struggles to the meaning of life itself to harsh diatribes on the direction humanity is going to lighter notes on the eccentricities of the world and our fascination with the unknown to fantasy that touches on religion, family values, and everything else under the sun. Nothing I think it simple. Every thought is coded in more layers than I myself can break down. My attempt to convey my thoughts is merely that, an attempt.

I will never claim that I'm the best writer in the world (or even a good writer at all), but what I do know is that I will never run out of stories to tell because I will never stop thinking. Not because of a lack of trying, but because I physically lack the ability to stop my brain from producing new ideas. And if I can't stop them, then why fight them? Instead of squandering them in the recesses of my brain, why not utilize them in some manner?

And so you have novels. And poems. And short stories. And this blog, which will catalogue them all.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the story of Nick Rolynd.

Photos © Nick Rolynd


  1. Great to met you, "Nick". :)

    I hope our prompts at Story Dam can help you with the over-activity, lol! We do try to challenge people, so you are in good hands.

    Can't wait to read some of your work!

  2. Anonymous11/04/2011

    As someone considerably older I can assure you once an overactive imagination, always an over active imagination. Personally I'd be bored stiff without it. good luck in everything you hope to acheieve.

  3. Hi Nick ;)! First I have to say...Gorgeous cats!

    Also, so glad you could join us over at Story Dam, I can't wait to see what your over active imagination brings to our community.

  4. Anonymous11/08/2011

    It's a pleasure to meet you Nick. Took a look at your WIP page and I was quite intrigued. I haven't read much sci-fi in awhile, but I think you may have convinced me to get into some.

    I do enjoy fantasy though, but mostly the epic, sword and sorcery stuff. Other than The Hunger Games, I don't think I've ever read any "urban fantasy" although I hear about it all the time.

    Look forward to seeing you at Story Dam. Maybe you could give me some ideas of urban fantasy novels I should start with...


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