Oct 29, 2011

Poetry: The Only Walk

He walked away, and so did I
Down opposing streets with opposing lives
We'd screamed the world once over, thus
We figured that chain of love was broken for us

And so we both marched our own warpaths away
I said "See you never." He said "Never seize the day."
And so I didn't seize it; instead I thought in idleness
Of all the trifles we had had to make this go amiss

And so I kept on not seizing it; instead I wandered through the past
That past that had been alight with flames, now crumbling with ash
And this past of mine I could not grasp, it made me cold inside
And no matter how fast I walked my street, it was something I could not hide

If only we had both realized that the world is just a sphere
If you walk straight on your warpath, you'll be here then there then here
It's a never ending circle, and it's trickery is just and fair
And that was why both of us were once again ensared

We met face to face, both hiding our faces from a like cold
And when our iced-up eyes met, they spoke of volumes yet untold
And it was at this little point in time, we no longer could deny
That our foolish trifles of the past had costs us our together lives

And so, with such remorse and resentment high
We decided the only way it could be all right
Is if we wiped that slate perfectly clean
And stopped walking straight and striding mean

And thus, our chain of love was forged again
We laughed the world once over, and
Down a new street, we strolled that night
We walked together, side by side

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Oct 28, 2011

On Writing: The Omnipresent Muse

I hear it on every blog, on every thread, in every classroom:

Where does your inspiration come from?

Oct 27, 2011

Poetry: The Ventriloquist

A voice was thrown across the world
A shallow little unheard voice
It existed in all of the forms
That all the world loves
To ignore

I sat so long staring in stride
Out of a window, lofted high
And yet that staring far
And wide did not aid
Me at all

That tiny, little unheard voice that
Soared so far across all of time
It was a voice I'd long forgotten
And I once conceived it may
Have been mine

I still sit staring at the window
But now I'm shrinking in my
Seat, and my shoulders are
Now hunching with the
Pain of my defeat

The little voice is gradually fading
It's lost among six billion more
And with it goes my hope
Of Ages, my hope of ever
Gaining choice

I cannot move from that high window
I can only sit and stare and try
And fail to think of what
I've been missing so far
In my life

When that voice comes back around
The world and to my window up
So high; it is so sadly garbled
That I crumble under its

Because waiting for that little voice
Was the purpose of my sedentary
Life, and because I have now
Lost its meaning to the world
I have also lost my mind

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Oct 26, 2011

Short Story: The Division & The Conqueror, Finale (REN3)

(Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)

The Division & The Conqueror, Finale

                  Brian scrubbed his hair, watching the dye disappear down the drain. He’d hated that hideous brown, but he’d needed two distinct looks. One for the fake Brian Nevaster. One for the equally fake Eland Brann. Neither of which could connect him to the pale, red-haired, real Brian De’Fontaine. After his last setup had fallen through, he’d been forced to start all over in this god-forsaken had-been boomtown. His eighth-month stay had nearly bored him to death. If it hadn’t been for Beckett’s property and Fitzer’s designs, he’d have ditched this place altogether. But no, he’d decided to hunker down and deal with it. 

                  And now it had paid off. He turned the sink knobs until the water cut off and dried his hands on one of Beckett’s towels. No, no. His towels. Beckett’s property was his now. With a couple slights of hand, he’d slipped himself into Beckett’s will. And with Fitzer’s blueprints in hand too, he had a mighty big fortune coming his way real soon. He clapped and chuckled to himself. It had been such a long damn time since he’d accomplished anything like this. No…he’d never accomplished anything this big before! He’d be set for life off the money he made from this scheme. 

                  “Ah, Brian, old boy, you have outdone yourself.” He tossed his last few keepsakes in his suitcase. The rest of Beckett’s—no, his—things were up for auction tomorrow, including his house. And Fitzer’s…well, Fitzer’s place was more of the foundation of a house than anything else. He’d made sure of that. After his first two attempts to off the sparring duo failed, he’d actually had to stop and reevaluate things before anyone got suspicious. Didn’t want a repeat of last time

                  But no, this time around his plan had gone off without a hitch. A carefully forged eviction notice. Some slight tampering with Fitzer’s prized generator. And boom! That was all she wrote. He clicked the clasps on his suitcase shut and ambled toward the door, humming gleefully. 

He’d arranged for his money to be wired to him after the auction. He couldn’t stand another day in this deadbeat town. Slamming the door shut behind him, he started off down the road. A single train ride to a big city with a nice big bank and a completely anonymous population and he’d be set.

                  “You’re going to live the high life, old boy!” He chuckled. Finally. How long had he been waiting for his luck to change? Five years? Ten? His entire lifetime? 

                  Almost skipping, he approached the old bridge that connected Beckett’s—his—house to the rest of the world. He snorted as his footsteps reverberated in creaks across the wood. “I’ll never have to walk this rickety thing again. I’ll never have to see this damned place again. I’ll never even have to think about it again! Ha!” 

He quickened his pace and set his eyes on the road. Suddenly, he paused, his stomach churning. A figure in black was visible in the distance. Who the hell would be all the way out here? Had someone found him out? Was it the police? God damn it, if he’d done all this for nothing again he swore—! 


He shrieked as the bridge rapidly collapsed beneath him, sending him tumbling wildly into the rushing water below. 

He didn’t surface. 


                  From his perch on the old fence, Frederick Beckett calmly watched the scene unfold. He tipped his black hat, took a drag from his cigar, and, gazing at the sky, shook his head. “Well, guess that settles that.”

The End

Rule of Three Blogfest Entry
"The Division & The Conqueror", Finale

Word Count: 598
Prompt(s):  The misfortune is resolved.
The final event becomes another secret for generations to come.
There is a new arrival in town.

Oct 25, 2011

On Writing: The Creation of a Story

You are standing in a grocery store. You are sifting through several brands of butter, comparing prices and nutrition and weighing the pros and cons. And, while so entirely wrapped up in the mundane, you fail to notice the shadow creeping up on you. It gets closer and closer and closer and closer, and yet, you still stand there balancing your butter bins back and forth like you're a god of judgment.

And then it strikes you.

Oct 24, 2011

News: 10/24

I have news! Well, not really too much.

This weeks, I have quite a few things to do.

- Calculus Test on Wednesday
- Drama Presentation on Wednesday

Plus several Japanese tests and a lot more homework.

Anyway, those are the two big things, so I wouldn't expect anything substantial from until Wednesday night or later this week. I'll probably spend all of tomorrow night studying for my Calculus test...I need to do a bit better on this one than I did on the last one. -cough-


Things that should be popping up in the near future:

1.) The Three Day Photographer: Still working on it; Once I finishe writing it, I'll be submitting it to my critique site, editing it, and repeating that a couple of times. After that, it should be out for your consumption. So, like...hm, three weeks or so, maybe? I need to finish writing it first off. I'll be adding a bit more onto it tonight, but I don't want it to interfere too much with either my schoolwork or NaNo, so we'll see.

2.) The Bombardiers: I got to Chapter 11 on my outline (but, of course, all the chapters are just tentative for now). It's clocking in at about 5,000+ words at this point, so I'll guess I'll be expecting another 15k or so outline. Bah! Anyway, it's sounding good for now, but I'll obviously need to flesh it out a bit more in the actual writing.

And...that's pretty much all I have. Um, expect more poetry, like usual? I can't really think of anything else.

Poetry: The Unbroken Circle (Lyrics)

I wrote this the other day in a mad fit of inspiration. It's actually a song, but I can't sing, so you'll just have to enjoy it as a poem instead. xD


I have walked this path
One thousand times
I have crossed this river
In a million rhymes
I have leapt over mountains
And swam in the depths
But I have never in my whole life
Known the truth of who I am

I have climbed so high
Just to fall so far
I have run so quickly
Just to miss the stars
I have grasped at strands
That have slipped through my fingers
And yet, through all of everything
That age old mystery still lingers

I have hit rock bottom
Just to break that goddamned floor
I have shattered my glass ceiling
Just to realize there was more
I have checked out of my warped mind
Just to be trapped in more damned fear
And I have realized through it all now
That the secret...

The secret...

The secret...

...was just another path straight here

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Oct 23, 2011

Review: Supernatural S7, Episode 5

Warning: This review will contain spoilers. And opinions. Lots of them. (This review in particular also contains some graphic images.)

This season of Supernatural began with a bit of a bore. Cas dissolved into Leviathans, who are apparently generic monster-types whose only distinguishing figures are hilarious mouths and being invincible. For the first couple episodes, Sam was stuck having hallucinations of Lucifer (which were awesome), but now they've kind vanished. Much like any coherent plot. Thus far, Dean's personality has been completely maimed, Bobby's house has been burned down, the highlight of the season is the Egyptian God Osiris' personality.

Yeah, now let's talk about this episode...

Oct 22, 2011

Poetry: The Forgotten

For the persona poem challenge at dVerse.

The clock on the tower struck a grim 12 high noon
And I observed the lunch-goers like I do every day
They laugh and they chuckle and they talk on their phones
Without even bothering to spare a glance my way 

You can see, can't you?

I sit in the shadows, contemplating my life
Wondering how it was this place and time came to be
There was a point, one dim past, where I was a lunch-goer too
But that past is in tatters, I am now only what you see

But you don't see, do you?

I remember the day when my world fell to pieces
I came home to my wife, who was walking out the door
And it was only gradually, after days of denial
That I realized she wasn't coming back anymore

I didn't see either, you know?

And somehow, some way, in some time, it came to this
My emotions were so broken that I fell away from life
I hit that non-life-rock-bottom and could never climb out
It was a pit so-far deep as the depths of my strife

But you can't see that, can you?

And now I sit all day, underneath the sun, wind, and rain
My hopes of recovery long dashed, long, long ago
I gave up on the world in a damn far distant past
And the world, so scorned, she also let me go

That's why you don't see me, you know?

The clock on the tower is about to strike 12 midnight
Yet I keep sitting even while the mercury descends
Because at this point, house, wealth, life ruined
I can do nothing else but hope for the end

But you'll never see that, will you?

Review: Vampire Diaries S3, Episode 6

Warning: This review will contain spoilers. And opinions. Lots of them. 


Oh, yes! It's VD time again. And what a time!

Last week, we ended with Klaus forcing Stefan to turn off his emotions. Unfortunately, Klaus then gets Stefan to stay behind in Mystic Falls to watch Elena, whose blood Klaus needs in order to make hybrids. Tyler becomes Klaus' first test of that and gained the title of "first successful hybrid." Meanwhile, Matt kills himself temporarily in order to talk to Vicky, but gets more than he bargained for when he keeps seeing her after Bonnie revives him. Lastly, off on another adventure, Katherine finds Mikael, the vampire who hunts other vampires, and attempts to revive him in order to get him to kill Klaus.

Now we pick up from there.

Oct 20, 2011

How would you feel about a free ebook?

Hey, guys! So, I've been doing some thinking. (Oh dear, I know.) I was going to take a creative writing writing class that required a portfolio, and so, I started writing a short story, remember? The Three Day Photographer? Yeah?

Well, I don't think I'm going to apply for that class anymore, but I don't want to, you know, abandon the story totally. So, what do you say I finish writing it and then put it up as a free ebook or something? Would you consider reading it?

Just in case you're wondering, it's sort of a horror short story combined with a mystery short story. So, I guess it would count as a free horror ebook? Or perhaps a free mystery ebook? Well,  I don't know. I'll figure out a genre once I finish writing it, yeah?

Hm, I should write some kind of summary, huh? To see if you guys would read it?

Wallace Beaumont is a detective. In the late summer of 1875, he is called in to solve a case that has mystified the police: the disappearances of several men. Disappearances that happened in the span of mere seconds, in the midst of daily activities, with friends and loved ones and neighbors mere feet away. Baffled, Wallace painstakingly searches for some kind of connection between the missing men, but he only comes up with a single fact: every last one of them went to the same photographer three days before they vanished.

So, sound like a short story you'd be willing to read for free?

Oct 19, 2011

Short Story: The Division & The Conqueror, P3 (REN3)

(Part 1)(Part 2)

The Division & The Conqueror, Part 3

Amadeus Fitzer stood hunched over his latest invention. His generator design had gradually improved over the last few months, and he was about to make another breakthrough. He was almost tempted to describe himself as giddy, but, he knew, in order to be taken seriously in the scientific field, one had to be composed and refined. And brilliant. That too.

Oct 17, 2011

News: 10/17

That time again, guys.

Let's do a quick recap first.

1.) I posted a new poem the other day, entitled "The Silence of Decay". If you have time, take a look at that.

2.) I posted some quotes from my in progress outline of The Bombardiers. So far, I have two pages, creatively entitled Quotes 1 and Quotes 2.

Now, onto next week.

Since next week is my hell week, expect me to be noticeably absent. I have a Calculus test on Wednesday, which is the only thing I'm really worried about. On the up side, I know the material for this chapter better than last chapter, so we'll see how it goes. Really, my quiz this Wednesday should tell me where I'm at.

I also have another Drama paper to write and yet another Data Structures project to complete. However, I can tell you to expect a couple things.

1.) This Wednesday, I'll be posting the next part of "The Division & The Conqueror". After that, it'll just be my grand finale left.

2.) Expect another poem, like usual. I tend to write at least one a week these days.

3.) I'm currently writing a horror short story called "The Three Day Photographer". I'm not sure when I'll be posting it though. I'm submitting it as part of a required portfolio in order to get into a creative writing class at my school. So, perhaps I'll post it after the teacher makes her decisions on who gets in?

So, I guess that sums up my next week or so. I have more The Bombardiers quotes, but I'm entirely sure when I'll be posting more. I don't want to spoil everything, after all. 

Poetry: The Silence of Decay

There is a vast place, unknown to the norm
It exists in all colors, all shapes, and all forms
It exists in all countries and all walks of life
It's name may be Pain, or Suffering, or Strife

This vast place is growing, and yet we are blind
We see trivialities, yet we are biding our time
We are only delaying that which must come to pass:
The point when we ourselves join this place at last

This vast place is seething with fire and rage
Yet we see only blackness or grayness or haze
We've turned a blind eye to the obvious truth
And it's left us susceptible, like corruptible youth

And really, in the end, when this place lights ablaze
When it burns all the blackness and grayness and haze
We will still try to run, try to turn away cold
But that vast, hot inferno will burn through our souls

It will devour in hatred all of our ideals
It will seek for its anger endless half-filling meals
And it will never be full, not until the end
When all that turned away from it is burned and blackened

Because that vast place that becomes a harsh fire
Is our country's foundation, it's situation is dire
Yet we'll turn a blind eye, and we'll let it fall down
And it will crumble beneath us, yet we'll make not a sound

It will shatter to ashes, it will burn straight to sand
And yet we, the people, will still in ignorance stand
Until in the end, when the foundation falls through
And the silent decay becomes audible to you

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Oct 16, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers (Quotes 2)

Got some more quotes for you guys for my science fiction novel in progress!


From Chapter 3, as Ganth is getting "rescued"--

“Congratulations, Mr. Richard Ganth, you have captured my attention. If you intend to utilize it in a timely manner, I would suggest you humble your brutish self and ask for help now. Preferably before more of the AJA shows up to spirit you off into the night.” 

-- Xi

From Chapter 4, Xi's explanation of erasure--

“Well, you see, this whole erasure business can be a bit tricky. I mean, they could just erase entire families for one person’s wrong, but the more people you take out of the equation, the more things just don’t add up.” She laughs. “Ah, math humor! Anyway, sometimes, instead of just erasing children along with their oh-so-guilty-of-something-inane parents, they’ll just implant a plausible situation in everyone’s mind of how they died. Usually horrifically. Although I was particularly amused by the one about the microwave explosion.”

-- Xi


From Chapter 4, Xi's explanation of why Ganth is "special"--

“Oh, you! You’re a special little bastard! I wish I’d found you sooner, but even my amazing self couldn’t spot the error. As it turns out, you’re little health implant, aka memory distorter, has an imperceptible defect that, well, renders it completely useless in terms of its underlying, unknown, sinister function that isn’t supposed to exist. In other words, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do and doesn’t do what’s it not supposed to do but normally does.”  

-- Xi


From Chapter 4, Sara's angry rant about Xi's secrecy--
“I swear, you are the most infuriating woman I’ve ever met. You tell me groundbreaking things, and yet you leave the most important parts out. You tell me they erase people, and yet you never explains what happens after that! So, please, please, can you spare one moment of your precious time and tell me? What happens to the people that get erased? Torture? Prison? Soylent Green is people? What?

-- Sara

Oct 15, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers (Quotes 1)

Hey, guys! I've actually managed to start working on my outline for The Bombardiers. I was thinking it would be cool if I shared a few quotes that I come up with while writing it.

Here's a couple I've written so far:

From the Prologue--

"In your greed and ignorance, you overstepped your boundaries. You pushed beyond the realm of your own understanding. You played a god you had no right to play. Instead of advancing our wealth of knowledge in order to craft a better life for all, you created an invincible killer. And now that killer will kill us all."

- Millicent Barnes


From Chapter 2, while Sara is calling her sister--

"You know, Miss Sara Miller, since you are so obviously concerned about the AJA finding you via your phone, I thought I might enlighten you to the fact that I have made it utterly untraceable. Hm, you also have unlimited service now. Not that you have anyone to talk to anymore, I suppose. Bit of a paradox, isn't it? Or is it just a pity? You know, I'm not entirely sure." 

- Xi

Review: Supernatural S7, Episode 4

Warning: This review will contains spoilers. And opinions. Lots of them.


Well, I haven't been impressed so far with season 7, but this episode appeared to be offering something decent. 

But before I get into that, let's recap.

Season 7 began with Cas exploding into a mass of Leviathans, who went off and possessed a bunch of different people to wreak havoc. Thus far, their presence has only been felt in short bursts. We know that they're looking for Sam and Dean and that they have a "boss" of some sort. And that they eat people. That's about it. Last episode gave us some more insight into Sam's past. Turns out he knew a kitsune named Amy (Jewel Staite), and the case he'd stumbled onto was her doing. He let her go. Unfortunately, Dean found out about it and killed her. Without telling Sam. 

And now we pick up where we left off.

Oct 14, 2011

Review: Vampire Diaries, S3, Episode 5

Warning: This review will contain spoilers. And opinions. Lots of them.


Well, it's that time of the week once more. And what a time it is! Last night's episode was quite possibly the best one yet (depending on how you look at it). It was certainly the most dramatic and action-packed so far. 

But let's recap a bit first.

The first few episodes left us with a few major developments: 1) Stefan and Klaus were friends back in the day. 2) Rebekah, Klaus' sister, was revived. 3) Jeremy can now communicate with spirits. 4) In order to find out how to create hybrids, Klaus needs to contact the original witch. 5) In order to do so, he needs Rebekah's necklace, aka Elena's necklace. And finally, 6) After discovering Stefan was lying to him, Klaus took him back to Mystic Falls. 

Found a Cool Giveaway

Hey, guys, just wanted to clue you in on a cool October giveaway over at A Book-lovers' Review They're giving away a bunch of stuff up until the 26th. Go check it out!

Old Poetry Archive

I had all the poetry from the previous incarnation of Whispers lying around, so I figured I might as well post it.


Oct 13, 2011

Poetry: The Path

Based off my love of Robert Frost and "The Road Not Taken"

The road before me so diverged
Into a thousand paths to nowhere
And I stood at the fork of all beginnings
Wondering which was loss and winning
Until realizing that I did not care

I took but one out of the thousand
Which led me to another and led to more
And with each crossing, passing, meeting
I was learning, hearing, knowing, seeing
Each was no more than just some more

I observed the facets of each road
The hills of one and the lows of another
The great blues skies and deep, dark depths
The outward joys and the secrets kept
Until realizing the ultimate truth

The road before me never diverged
Into a thousand paths to nowhere
And I stood only at the fork of one beginning
And I wondered not of loss or winning
I was simply experiencing life

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Oct 12, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers, NaNo Cover

I lied, I do have something to post. I worked on this over the weekend when I was a bit bored (of doing homework). Here's my first attempt at a cover for The Bombardiers, at least a NaNoWriMo cover. Obviously I'd put in a bit more time for a legitimate cover.

Anyway, hooray for minimalism!

News: 10/12

Well, it's news time again. This week I don't have anything planned. At all. I might be able to churn out a poem, but I definitely won't be getting out much else. I have the worst two weeks of my academic life coming up. Tomorrow, I have an English Romantic Period midterm. Next week, I have a computer science project due (that I haven't started), an English Romantic Period essay due (that I haven't even thought about), and a Calculus Lab and Quiz (again, haven't even thought about).

The week after that will quite possibly be the worst week of my entire life. Monday, another computer science project. Tuesday, Japanese speaking test. Wednesday, Calculus Test and Drama Presentation. Thursday, Japanese writing test. Friday, 4-5 page Drama Paper due. If I screw up any single one of those? Bye bye GPA.

If I'm still alive after that point, I'll let you know. But I'm not guaranteeing anything.

This, unfortunately, also means I won't be able to plan The Bombardiers for NaNoWriMo, which means I'll be writing it from scratch come November. Wonderful.

You know, it's time like these I wish my school had an English minor. But it doesn't. So it's major in English and Computer Science, or just major in Computer Science. -twitch- Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

Anyway, if you don't see me around for a while, I'm probably off doing 6,000 Calculus problems or trying desperately to finish my computer science project before the deadline...

Until next time,

Short Story: The Division & The Conqueror P2 (REN3)

(Part 1)

The Division & The Conqueror, Part 2

                  Naylor stormed through the door, slamming it closed on its creaky hinges. He’d been fuming all the way home from the post office, enraged at the very idea that he, of all people, hadn’t been paying his bills on time. He had an exact schedule for bill paying, and he always followed it, even when he was near broke. He’d never missed a single payment of any bill, and yet here the bank was telling him he’d missed six straight months!

“What a load of bull!” 

Oct 10, 2011

Review: "The Doll" by J.C. Martin

Warning: This review will contains spoilers. And opinions. Lots of them. 

Bet you weren't expecting any literary reviews from me any time soon, huh? Well, neither was I. Until I received a free copy of the ebook, "The Doll", by J.C. Martin for my participation in REN3. Seeing as I just finally got around to reading it, I figured I owed the dear author a review.

Poetry: The Trial

He stood upon a pedestal
Illuminated by a light
It shone right through his every lie
Yet lied about his every plight
This pedestal he stood upon
It was a pedestal of fear
It only meant to prey upon
His deepest, darkest, saddest fears

He stood surrounded by the crowd
Illuminated by their jeers
They tore right through his armored form
Yet left his flesh to quake in fear
This crowd that thus surrounded him
It was a crowd of hate and rage
They marked his quaking flesh with lies
That scarred him with permanence of age

He stood beneath a judge of law
Illuminated by his words
They shackled him to his dark past
That hateful crowd, they also heard
This judged that judged him heartlessly
He was a judge of misery
And his only accusation was
Of a false, mistaken inquiry

He stood beneath the eyes of God
Illuminated by his Grace
It freed him from his painful charge
Yet left his name wholly debased
This God that did above him soar
Was one of half-forgiving strife
But he did accept this half-forged deal
If only to escape the trial of life

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Oct 9, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers- Character List

Now that I've teased you all with the little summaries enough, let's get a more in depth look at the characters of The Bombardiers.



Name: Xi (another name is revealed within the story)

Age: Exact age unknown

Nationality: Altean

Occupation: N/A

Appearance: A young woman of average height with dark hair, green eyes, and a pale complexion. Occasionally, (usually in an attempt to further a point) Xi will reveal parts of her "inhuman" side. Fiber-optic-like lines will seem to run down her face, turning at sharp angles and disappearing beneath her collar, only to come back into sight as they run down her arms. These lines usually display light pulses of various colors, as do her eyes. However, Xi never specifies what any of her "inhuman" features do or mean.

Motives: Xi's main motive is gradually revealed to overwhelmingly be revenge against the Altean government, though she does seem to have some genuine interest in freeing society from the secret oppression of the Prime Executives. Her underlying drives remain a mystery to most of the characters in the story, even after she reveals her terrible past. Because Xi's emotional and mental states are so unpredictable, none of the other Bombardiers are able to fully decipher her.

Oct 8, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers (Mystery Character Summary)

And it's time for the last The Bombardiers teaser summary. Have a look:


Since Altea's inception, I have watched and waited. In different positions. In different places. With different personalities. And occasionally, different faces. But throughout it all, from beginning to now, I have been there.

And I will be there to see the end.

Because after so many years of watching and waiting, hoping and pleading, my prayers have been answered. By Xi. I'm not entirely sure who Xi is, though I'm almost positive I know where Xi came from and why Xi is doing what Xi is doing. 

But in the grand scheme of things, Xi's motives do not matter. All that matters is that Xi wins. All that matters is that Executives fall. It is only when every stitch that holds Altea together is ripped from its seams that I will be able to rest in peace. 

Until then, I will keep watching and waiting.

And at the end of all things, I will only have one thing left to say.

Every single god of man, bless the Bombardiers.

Review: Supernatural S7, Episode 3

Warning: This review will contains spoilers. And opinions. Lots of them.


Well, I'm home for Fall Break now, and while I do have some work to do, I can finally write and blog in relative peace. For three more days at least...

So, on that note, let's get on to the review for my dear old Supernatural.

As of now, I'm not very impressed with the direction that Gamble is taking this season, but regardless, she's somehow managed to stuff this season's ideas into a (misshapen) plot box.

Oct 7, 2011

Review: Vampire Diaries S3, Episode 4

Warning: This review will contains spoilers. And opinions. Lots of them.

Sorry I missed this yesterday, but I had a paper to finish. =P

Anyway, quick recap!

Last time, on the Vampire Diaries, we were greeted to a shocking flashback in which we saw that Klaus and Stefan (as well as Klaus' sister Rebekah) knew each other back in the 1920's. In fact, they were all good friends. But when a mysterious hunter showed up to kill Klaus, he bailed, wiping Stefan's memory of their friendship. Rebekah, due to her feelings for Stefan, received an impromptu "original death." 

In the present, Elena and Damon went Stefan hunting, Klaus brought Rebekah back to life so they could use her help to find out why Klaus couldn't make hybrids, and we found out that the thing they need to contact the original witch to find out why Klaus couldn't make hybrids is a necklace.

The necklace that Stefan gave Elena.

This episode is even better.

Poetry: This World of Ours

A river that once
Was guarded by gods of man
Now is thick with oil

An ocean that once
Was the nectar of those gods
Now is desolate

A forest that once
Held the laughs of playful sprites
Now razed, now blacks stumps

A city that once
Was the center of all dreams
Now the root of pain

A planet that once
Was the source of all our hope
Now dark, forever

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Oct 6, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers (Norton's Summary)

And yet again, it's time for a little snippet from the world of The Bombardiers.


Norton Sater considered himself successful. He'd graduated early. He'd gained valuable job experience. He'd achieved that which everyone in Altea wanted to achieve: a job in the upper echelons of the Altean government. 

And so Norton Sater walked right through the front doors of the Altean Justice Administration without a second thought. He signed the non-disclosure agreement without a second thought. He followed his new boss down three hallways, through two sets of double doors, and into a large monitoring room without a second thought.

And then he discovered the truth about Altean justice.

And he had many second thoughts.

Torn between the keeping the life he loves or throwing it away in order to expose to truth, Norton finds himself slowly breaking apart. It doesn't help that his only companions are a renown terrorist, an emotionally disturbed young woman, and a half-crazed ex-soldier.

But what's a man to do when faced with two such roads? Does he destroy himself in order to maintain the life he cherishes? Or does he let himself be destroyed for the sake of everyone else?

News: 10/6

Whew, lots of stuff going on for the next few weeks, guys.

First off, a recap of this week.

1.) I joined the Rule of Three Blogfest, a month-long writing challenge.

2.) I have decided to stop reviewing The Secret Circle for several reasons, including my disinterest and lack of reader interest. But don't be dismayed. This move will let me focus more on Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

3.) Today, I had something cool happen. I met the poet Robert Mezey. I also bought his award winning poetry book, which he autographed for me. =3

Now, onto next week.

1.) I will continue with the REN3 blogfest. A new prompt will be out tomorrow, and my continuation of The Division & The Conqueror will be posted next Wednesday.

2.) Expect more poetry. Like always.

3.) The final The Bombardiers summaries will be posted, followed up by a character listing that will tell you much more than my obscure little synopses do.

4.) The typical Vampire Diaries and Supernatural reviews.

And, I believe that is all. Unless something unexpected comes up.

Oct 5, 2011

Short Story: The Division & The Conqueror (REN3)

The Division & The Conqueror, Part 1

“God blast it all!” Naylor choked out. He stumbled backward out of the house, his lungs burning. The acrid smoke filled his nostrils, and he turned away in disgust, heaving for fresh air. He swore to himself when he got his hands on that no-good, God-blasted, mother-fu—

“Naylor Beckett, what did you do this time?” 

Naylor straightened up, wiping his soot-covered hands on his fraying trousers. Eland Brann, Fitzer’s snooty little assistant, stood just beyond the gate, one eyebrow raised above his spectacles. Naylor grumbled under his breath. First, Fitzer had called him over, claiming something “urgent,” which turned out to be yet another proposal by the crazy self-proclaimed inventor for buying his property. How many times did he have tell that blasted imbecile that he wasn’t selling? He had the best piece of the ol’ Culdees there was left, and he wasn’t handing it over to some idiot who was liable to blow it sky high.

Oct 4, 2011

Poetry: The Chain

*Strong language warning*

For every link of every chain 
That I have ever seen
Blood like rust and ancient dust 
Are scattered in between
They represent the toil of man
They represent his pain
They represent all of his loss
They represent his gain

For every chop of every axe 
That I have ever known
Chips of life and screams of strife
Emerge from that wood grown
They represent the pride of man
They represent his greed
They represent all of the warnings
That man never heeds

For every strike of every hammer
I have ever heard
Groans of toil and laughs of spoil
Emerge, the lines are blurred
They represent the common man
They represent the rich
They represent the greedy bastard
And his loathsome bitch

For every cheer of happiness
That I have ever cheered
Whispers rough and murmurs gruff
Bled right into my ears
They represent the hidden lives
They represent the poor
The represent the invisible
They represent still more
For every word of every fact
That I have ever gained
Knowledge cold, assertions bold
Have crept into my brain
They represent the crimes of man
They represent the sin
They know that all that man has done
Man will do again

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Oct 2, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers (Ganth's Summary)

It's time for another The Bombardiers summary, guys! This round, we have another main character, Richard Ganth. That just leaves two more summaries before the character listing!


His parents believed in Altea. They used their life savings, their every connection, to get there. And the next thing he knew, his parents were gone. 

And no one seemed to notice.

He's spent his entire adolescence trying to figure out where they went and why no one remembers them. He's prayed to the God he follows secretly to guide him to the truth. 

And then they found out about him. 

They tore him from his home, from his job, from his search, and locked him away in a van. They tried to spirit him off to where he couldn't be found. They tried to erase him. Like they did his parents.

But they failed.

Because just as they found him, so did Xi.

And now that Richard Ganth know the truth about Altea, he's set his sights on a higher goal: it's destruction.

Review: Supernatural S7, Episode 2

Warning: This review will contains spoilers. And opinions. Lots of them.

Oh, yes. It's that time of the week. 

Beginning with my typical recap, the premiere episode (though a bit lackluster) left us with a lot of questions. Castiel apparently "dies," and his vessel is taken over by the Leviathans, a group of beings who were the original creatures trapped in Purgatory. After taking control, they proceeded to attack Dean and Bobby, and that was where we ended last time. While that was all happening, Sam was off who-knows-where getting his mind screwed over by a hallucination of Lucifer (who (successfully?) attempted to convince Sam that he was still trapped in hell and that all of the past year or so had been a hallucination). 

Now we start where we ended.

Oct 1, 2011

Poetry: The Victory

I stand at the end of the edge of the world
From this height, I witness the birth of all life
And within this, I witness the birth of feeling,
And within this, I witness the coming of light

I stand at the end of the edge of the end
From this point so far down, I crane my neck to see
All that has been from the moment of birth
All that is now, and all that will be

I stand at the end of the edge of tomorrow
And from this level, I see nothing at all
From the view of my limits, my limited view
There is nothing to see but a wall

I stand at the end of the edge of my sanity
And from this, I can just grasp infinity
While my mind may crumble, I put it together,
Life. Death. Existence. The perfect trinity.

I lay at the end of the edge of my life
And from this point, I see nothing but sky
Because I grasped every straw that my fingers could grasp
I let nothing of meaning ever pass me by

I smile at the end of the edge of the end
As I lay there gazing once again
This time is my last for my last time has come,
So I laugh and I smile and I nod and I grin

At the end of the edge of the end where I lay
I close my eyes slowly and whisper goodbye
I caught within my fingers the strands of eternity
And for that, the world has let nothing pass me by

So as I fall off the end of the edge of the end
Into a fate I now know because of my win
I will sleep peacefully, knowing and smiling
And I smile because I know I will live once again