Oct 7, 2011

Review: Vampire Diaries S3, Episode 4

Warning: This review will contains spoilers. And opinions. Lots of them.

Sorry I missed this yesterday, but I had a paper to finish. =P

Anyway, quick recap!

Last time, on the Vampire Diaries, we were greeted to a shocking flashback in which we saw that Klaus and Stefan (as well as Klaus' sister Rebekah) knew each other back in the 1920's. In fact, they were all good friends. But when a mysterious hunter showed up to kill Klaus, he bailed, wiping Stefan's memory of their friendship. Rebekah, due to her feelings for Stefan, received an impromptu "original death." 

In the present, Elena and Damon went Stefan hunting, Klaus brought Rebekah back to life so they could use her help to find out why Klaus couldn't make hybrids, and we found out that the thing they need to contact the original witch to find out why Klaus couldn't make hybrids is a necklace.

The necklace that Stefan gave Elena.

This episode is even better.

It picks up with Elena and Damon, the former attempting to deal with Stefan's rejection, the latter gradually becoming more annoyed as people try to change him into a new Stefan.

This ends--like usual--in disaster. Damon eventually gets so fed up that he kills Alaric and attempts to kill Caroline's father, who apparently can't be compelled. He's actually stopped by Caroline, who kicks his ass in an awesome fight scene.

In Elena world, Bonnie returns from her dull summer with her normal side of the family. She is, of course, immediately recruited back into the main plot via her witch powers, as Elena's necklace unexpected shocks her.

The necklace that Gloria the witch is attempting to find for Klaus.

Elena herself kind of plays the periphery in this episode. She is used to reintroduce Bonnie to the plot, is one of the people attempting to get Damon to "behave", and other than that...

Well, anyway, back in Klaus world, Rebekah acquaints herself with the new century by going shopping, making the obligatory "women in this era dress like prostitutes" comment.

Stefan is otherwise distracted. By Katherine, who's searching for a partner in crime to take down Klaus. (Yeah, because that worked so well last time...)

Stefan declines. 

But then again, his plan doesn't go too well. He decides to confront Gloria in order to get her to stop searching for the necklace. He ends up captured and tortured, and Gloria discovers the truth by reading his mind. In a very painful way.

Then Katherine shows up and kills her. Bye bye, Gloria. You were cool for the two episodes you were in.

Katherine, once again, attempts to get Stefan to join forces with her.

Stefan, once again, declines.

Then he heads back to Klaus' hideout. Where Rebekah is waiting for him, trying to reignite their old flame. Stefan, on the other hand, attempts to figure out who the guy that attacked Klaus in the 20's was. This also ends in disaster, as Rebekah apparently has some kind of "supernatural" skills when it comes to sensing whether people are telling the truth or not.

Stefan's not.

So she rats him out to Klaus (and cleverly slips in the hunter's name, "Michael").

Who takes him back to Mystic Falls.

Where Damon is not because he leaves with Katherine, who decided to recruit the easier-to-tempt brother.

Unfortunately, Elena is still very much there.

Anyway...how about a happier note?

Oh, wait, this is VD.

That means we need to move onto Jeremy, who is finally able to channel Anna's spirit at will. She tells him she's on "the other side" and that she's all alone there, except when Vicky shows up. Apparently, Vicky is accompanied by some kind of "darkness."

Hm. Imagine that.

So, we end the episode with Elena right down the street from an angry, suspicious Klaus, Jeremy attempting to balance his current witch girlfriend with his dead vampire girlfriend, Caroline's father leaving with the note that Caroline will "never be okay again" because she's a vampire, and Damon running off with Katherine to search for the mysterious hunter that Klaus is apparently afraid of.

I already can't wait for the next episode. 

Overall grade: A

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  1. It was a great episode. I decided to go back and read the books. The original ones from the 90's, and the stories are so different! But actually I really enjoy both, so in a way I'm glad they're different.


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