Oct 17, 2011

Poetry: The Silence of Decay

There is a vast place, unknown to the norm
It exists in all colors, all shapes, and all forms
It exists in all countries and all walks of life
It's name may be Pain, or Suffering, or Strife

This vast place is growing, and yet we are blind
We see trivialities, yet we are biding our time
We are only delaying that which must come to pass:
The point when we ourselves join this place at last

This vast place is seething with fire and rage
Yet we see only blackness or grayness or haze
We've turned a blind eye to the obvious truth
And it's left us susceptible, like corruptible youth

And really, in the end, when this place lights ablaze
When it burns all the blackness and grayness and haze
We will still try to run, try to turn away cold
But that vast, hot inferno will burn through our souls

It will devour in hatred all of our ideals
It will seek for its anger endless half-filling meals
And it will never be full, not until the end
When all that turned away from it is burned and blackened

Because that vast place that becomes a harsh fire
Is our country's foundation, it's situation is dire
Yet we'll turn a blind eye, and we'll let it fall down
And it will crumble beneath us, yet we'll make not a sound

It will shatter to ashes, it will burn straight to sand
And yet we, the people, will still in ignorance stand
Until in the end, when the foundation falls through
And the silent decay becomes audible to you

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  1. intense write!

    enjoyed it very much! well done!

  2. Anonymous10/17/2011

    this is intense ... so true....as I watch the news I always think of the rise and fall of Rome

    bri;lliant write

  3. well said...ignorance has always been the path from where civilization has strayed from the true path to peace.the masses become in a literal sense the general opinion,and nothing matters but the reality of the individual.ignorance will always remain in the masses,for they all chant the names of leaders and other things that bind them together,though it may not be the object or cause itself,but they will fight even though its too late.but i think you have more scope for this poem.because there maybe more to this post modern age than we care to venture towards.the future seems fast approaching and we have absolutely no idea what it carries for humankind.and also,on a final note, it reminds me a little of Ginsberg's HOWL...

  4. whew strong words and a great rhyme scheme to thrum through...yes i think our country is heading to a scary place...the ideas that we were created on have been dismissed and it is coming...

  5. I refuse to relinquish hope, despite all the evidence to convince me otherwise. I do believe there won't be significant positive change until things get much worse, and they're going to. Hold on.

  6. Anonymous10/18/2011

    We are indeed living in challenging times as you so effectively express. The rhyme scheme and meter are so well done.

  7. Anonymous10/18/2011

    I have a saying, "Rome is burning and we are running around with a kinked water hose"

    You nailed this poem..hard
    well done

  8. powerful and quite frightening to think about!

  9. Powerful words of truth. If only we all could wake up.


  10. this is magical, your imagination is powerful here.

  11. this is excellent and so strong and leave you with a lot to think about in the end

  12. A superb piece of writing, with a strong moral question within. The question of sitting back and doing nothing, as along as its not in my backyard....disinterest and apathy...


  13. So many to observe. So few to effect.


  14. The Silence of Decay, awesome concept and well written.

  15. So true and thought provoking....a beautiful write Nick! :-)

  16. Anonymous10/21/2011

    Silence, and the country's foundation...... I think it's caused by our collective gasp, waiting for a fresh breath of air...... when will it come? When will the solution come? How? I think the silence comes from that question not being answered...... It is just looming over us, and we see it, but no one responds........


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