Oct 27, 2011

Poetry: The Ventriloquist

A voice was thrown across the world
A shallow little unheard voice
It existed in all of the forms
That all the world loves
To ignore

I sat so long staring in stride
Out of a window, lofted high
And yet that staring far
And wide did not aid
Me at all

That tiny, little unheard voice that
Soared so far across all of time
It was a voice I'd long forgotten
And I once conceived it may
Have been mine

I still sit staring at the window
But now I'm shrinking in my
Seat, and my shoulders are
Now hunching with the
Pain of my defeat

The little voice is gradually fading
It's lost among six billion more
And with it goes my hope
Of Ages, my hope of ever
Gaining choice

I cannot move from that high window
I can only sit and stare and try
And fail to think of what
I've been missing so far
In my life

When that voice comes back around
The world and to my window up
So high; it is so sadly garbled
That I crumble under its

Because waiting for that little voice
Was the purpose of my sedentary
Life, and because I have now
Lost its meaning to the world
I have also lost my mind

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  1. Nick, this poem is filled with depth and sadness. We all wonder sometimes what was the purpose of our life. We have to declare it for ourselves, I think. We must, in some way, find an audience to hear our voice. Your voice is heard HERE.

  2. Beautifully done. Each could be it's own poem but the voice thrown out and the person sitting at the window, waiting work so well together. Nicely, nicely done.

  3. dang...really well done...your words dance through each stanza...and having lost that voice...i think i might lose my mind as well...

  4. yeah - guess i would have crumbled under the sound as well..love how you develop the piece..the window scene makes it very palpable

  5. You dressed up the frustration every writer experiences and made it sound near-inspiring. Well done.

  6. Anonymous10/28/2011

    I enjoyed the imagery and interplay of the stanzas, well done.

  7. Wow...that's all I have. Everyone said it already so I'll add wow!


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