Oct 2, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers (Ganth's Summary)

It's time for another The Bombardiers summary, guys! This round, we have another main character, Richard Ganth. That just leaves two more summaries before the character listing!


His parents believed in Altea. They used their life savings, their every connection, to get there. And the next thing he knew, his parents were gone. 

And no one seemed to notice.

He's spent his entire adolescence trying to figure out where they went and why no one remembers them. He's prayed to the God he follows secretly to guide him to the truth. 

And then they found out about him. 

They tore him from his home, from his job, from his search, and locked him away in a van. They tried to spirit him off to where he couldn't be found. They tried to erase him. Like they did his parents.

But they failed.

Because just as they found him, so did Xi.

And now that Richard Ganth know the truth about Altea, he's set his sights on a higher goal: it's destruction.


  1. Hi Nick,
    I'm intrigued; I will have to go back and read more of your posts. You captured the page turning feeling of wanting more :D

  2. Ah, I'm glad! =) I'm working very hard on developing this story to have it ready for NaNo this year. Then I'm hoping to be able to do my edit over Winter Break. I really want this story to work out.

  3. love the imagery in this story, great work ;)


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