Oct 15, 2011

Review: Supernatural S7, Episode 4

Warning: This review will contains spoilers. And opinions. Lots of them.


Well, I haven't been impressed so far with season 7, but this episode appeared to be offering something decent. 

But before I get into that, let's recap.

Season 7 began with Cas exploding into a mass of Leviathans, who went off and possessed a bunch of different people to wreak havoc. Thus far, their presence has only been felt in short bursts. We know that they're looking for Sam and Dean and that they have a "boss" of some sort. And that they eat people. That's about it. Last episode gave us some more insight into Sam's past. Turns out he knew a kitsune named Amy (Jewel Staite), and the case he'd stumbled onto was her doing. He let her go. Unfortunately, Dean found out about it and killed her. Without telling Sam. 

And now we pick up where we left off.

Again, this episode gives us only a glimpse into the fact that Sam is still fighting his hallucinations. The awesome and hilarious scenes with Lucifer seem to have evaporated into thin air. Much like a cohesive plot line. 

Anyway, this episode, Dean and Sam end up going after the Egyptian God Osiris (whose personality was the highlight of the episode). Turns out Osiris has been going around judging people and sentencing them to die via the crimes they themselves feel guilty for.

The first guy, for example, a reformed alcoholic who once ran over a woman while drunk, ends up getting run over by a car. Inside a building...

Unfortunately, the light is coming toward you, so...
The second guy (former dog-fighting ring owner) gets ripped to pieces by a dog. And so on, and so forth. 

Aw, it's so cute!
After running into a paroled murderer who's been judged, they extract all the info they need from him and leaving him sitting in front of the TV surrounded by a salt ring. 

Oh, that's going to end well...
At this point, Dean makes me cringe a little. He actually brings out the "maybe these guys deserve it" angle, and I've honestly started to wonder what happened to the real Dean. His focus is supposed to be on killing the monsters (like he so ruthlessly did to Amy), and yet here he goes excusing monsters who go after (reformed) criminals? The hell, Dean? No, excuse me. The hell, writers?

Dean's personality has gone from complex to completely muddled in the span of a season. They really need to fix that...

Anyway, continuing on, Dean ends up getting snatched and judged by Osiris, who's absolutely hilarious. Sam shows up during the "trial" and tries to be Dean's lawyer. Cue an odd reference back to season 1 when Sam was still pre-Law. Okay, I will give them points for at least attempting a good reference. But the execution was still bit shaky.

Subtle Osiris is subtle.
Osiris is amused by the boy's antics, and in order to show them what he's made of, he call Jo to the witness stand. Yay! She does her best to ward off Osiris' questions in Dean's favor, and Osiris ends up sending her away.

"So, how guilty is Dean?"
"He's not guilty at all."
"Excuse me? Well, you're useless! The point is for him to be guilty, stupid!"
Then Osiris calls Sam to the stand. Sam also does his best to prove that he doesn't blame Dean for anything, but then Osiris reveals that he doesn't really judge anyone. They judge themselves. If they feel guilty, then they are guilty. 

Dean, suddenly remembering Amy, feels super-uber-guilty, and Osiris sentences him to death. Sam and Dean leave, and Sam calls Bobby for help. They find out they need a ram's horn to (temporarily) off Osiris. So Sam heads off to steal a horn from a synagogue.

Uh...it's not what it looks...you know, I have no idea what this looks like...
And oh, paroled murderer guy made a run for it and ended up dead. 

Ghosts. They now wield guns.
Anyway, Dean has a moment of angst with Jo, whose been sent to kill him. She goes and turns on the gas to the stove and holds up a lighter (you know, so he can die the same way she did?), but Sam finds Osiris just in time and stabs him.

Apparently they also use lighters now.
The end. 

...Well, that could have been more exciting. I like Jo, and I loved Osiris. But other than that, Supernatural is still lacking many of the elements that made me fall in love with it. First off, what happened to the Leviathans? They just seemed to poof out of the storyline. I'm assuming they'll be back (randomly, most likely) at some point in the near future. 

Honestly, I'm still getting that torn feeling. It seems like the writers don't know whether they want a traditional monster of the week season or a complex plot line one. And they're certainly not blending them together too well...

Once again,

Overall Grade: B


  1. I loved Supernatural when it first came out because it was scary. Now it's not scary anymore. I still enjoy it but it's missing that creepy factor it once had. I wish they'd bring that back.

  2. @kashway- Yeah, the earlier seasons were actually kinda scary. Now it's just kinda violent and angsty...


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