Oct 29, 2011

Poetry: The Only Walk

He walked away, and so did I
Down opposing streets with opposing lives
We'd screamed the world once over, thus
We figured that chain of love was broken for us

And so we both marched our own warpaths away
I said "See you never." He said "Never seize the day."
And so I didn't seize it; instead I thought in idleness
Of all the trifles we had had to make this go amiss

And so I kept on not seizing it; instead I wandered through the past
That past that had been alight with flames, now crumbling with ash
And this past of mine I could not grasp, it made me cold inside
And no matter how fast I walked my street, it was something I could not hide

If only we had both realized that the world is just a sphere
If you walk straight on your warpath, you'll be here then there then here
It's a never ending circle, and it's trickery is just and fair
And that was why both of us were once again ensared

We met face to face, both hiding our faces from a like cold
And when our iced-up eyes met, they spoke of volumes yet untold
And it was at this little point in time, we no longer could deny
That our foolish trifles of the past had costs us our together lives

And so, with such remorse and resentment high
We decided the only way it could be all right
Is if we wiped that slate perfectly clean
And stopped walking straight and striding mean

And thus, our chain of love was forged again
We laughed the world once over, and
Down a new street, we strolled that night
We walked together, side by side

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