Oct 7, 2011

Poetry: This World of Ours

A river that once
Was guarded by gods of man
Now is thick with oil

An ocean that once
Was the nectar of those gods
Now is desolate

A forest that once
Held the laughs of playful sprites
Now razed, now blacks stumps

A city that once
Was the center of all dreams
Now the root of pain

A planet that once
Was the source of all our hope
Now dark, forever

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  1. Very profound and sad. Thanks for visiting my wordpress blog.

  2. A place where the source of hope is lost surely is dark. Perhaps there will be reason to hope again.

  3. sad truth and hauntingly captured in these haiku nick..

  4. oh i feel the dangers in our consumption running straight through these...very nice eco-socio-politico msg...

  5. Anonymous10/08/2011

    A great set of haiku with a poignant message running throughout.

  6. Anonymous10/08/2011

    I also wrote about environmental ethics, thank you for sharing this message.

  7. wow. foreboding.
    I feel the doom here. that's - I'm sure - what you're trying to accomplish, and it affects me.

    so much is lost...that we lost by our volition and intention.
    a eulogy for the world?

    good Haikus. thanks.


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