Oct 20, 2011

How would you feel about a free ebook?

Hey, guys! So, I've been doing some thinking. (Oh dear, I know.) I was going to take a creative writing writing class that required a portfolio, and so, I started writing a short story, remember? The Three Day Photographer? Yeah?

Well, I don't think I'm going to apply for that class anymore, but I don't want to, you know, abandon the story totally. So, what do you say I finish writing it and then put it up as a free ebook or something? Would you consider reading it?

Just in case you're wondering, it's sort of a horror short story combined with a mystery short story. So, I guess it would count as a free horror ebook? Or perhaps a free mystery ebook? Well,  I don't know. I'll figure out a genre once I finish writing it, yeah?

Hm, I should write some kind of summary, huh? To see if you guys would read it?

Wallace Beaumont is a detective. In the late summer of 1875, he is called in to solve a case that has mystified the police: the disappearances of several men. Disappearances that happened in the span of mere seconds, in the midst of daily activities, with friends and loved ones and neighbors mere feet away. Baffled, Wallace painstakingly searches for some kind of connection between the missing men, but he only comes up with a single fact: every last one of them went to the same photographer three days before they vanished.

So, sound like a short story you'd be willing to read for free?


  1. Anonymous10/20/2011

    I would definitely read that (and should go about adding this blog to my feed)

  2. Ooh...yes, yes, YES!


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