Oct 10, 2011

Poetry: The Trial

He stood upon a pedestal
Illuminated by a light
It shone right through his every lie
Yet lied about his every plight
This pedestal he stood upon
It was a pedestal of fear
It only meant to prey upon
His deepest, darkest, saddest fears

He stood surrounded by the crowd
Illuminated by their jeers
They tore right through his armored form
Yet left his flesh to quake in fear
This crowd that thus surrounded him
It was a crowd of hate and rage
They marked his quaking flesh with lies
That scarred him with permanence of age

He stood beneath a judge of law
Illuminated by his words
They shackled him to his dark past
That hateful crowd, they also heard
This judged that judged him heartlessly
He was a judge of misery
And his only accusation was
Of a false, mistaken inquiry

He stood beneath the eyes of God
Illuminated by his Grace
It freed him from his painful charge
Yet left his name wholly debased
This God that did above him soar
Was one of half-forgiving strife
But he did accept this half-forged deal
If only to escape the trial of life

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  1. Anonymous10/10/2011

    the last verse is powerful...standing under his grace. wow.

  2. I like the illuminated repetitions --
    Illuminated by a light, their jeers, his words, his Grace. One question though--Is it His Grace? or his Grace. Just wondering?

  3. @ Desert Rocks - "his Grace" =)

  4. "He stood upon a pedestal
    Illuminated by a light
    It shone right through his every lie
    Yet lied about his every plight"

    love that!

  5. the pedestal of fear and the light shining through every lie...a dreadful place to be without grace..

  6. Anonymous10/11/2011

    He accepted a deal, but his name was debased? If I were him then I would take that deal too, because it sounds like he was in some pretty deep doo doo....... You had me feeling really sorry for this guy.... what did he do anyway? Very powerful poem.....

  7. That was quite the pedestal to be set upon, that faults should dawn and the guy should realize the fear.

  8. A flawless rhythm has this rather deep write skipping right along like a nursery rhyme. There are loose ends here that my mind will have a blast tying together...be wary the fall when a write is this worthy! Raising the bar at the pub this evening! Good one!

  9. @ Everybody- Thanks so much! =)

  10. Anonymous10/11/2011

    A striking finale in this - though a fine flow to the whole bit. Behold the judgment...

  11. a wonderful retelling of the outpouring of grace on a very dark day when we foresook the king only to find love waiting...

  12. Anonymous10/12/2011

    interesting use of words and repetition... great thought to reflect on... wondering what may await us all... need to be right with the King

  13. wow amazing to try and escape the trial of life and standing before God


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