Oct 17, 2011

News: 10/17

That time again, guys.

Let's do a quick recap first.

1.) I posted a new poem the other day, entitled "The Silence of Decay". If you have time, take a look at that.

2.) I posted some quotes from my in progress outline of The Bombardiers. So far, I have two pages, creatively entitled Quotes 1 and Quotes 2.

Now, onto next week.

Since next week is my hell week, expect me to be noticeably absent. I have a Calculus test on Wednesday, which is the only thing I'm really worried about. On the up side, I know the material for this chapter better than last chapter, so we'll see how it goes. Really, my quiz this Wednesday should tell me where I'm at.

I also have another Drama paper to write and yet another Data Structures project to complete. However, I can tell you to expect a couple things.

1.) This Wednesday, I'll be posting the next part of "The Division & The Conqueror". After that, it'll just be my grand finale left.

2.) Expect another poem, like usual. I tend to write at least one a week these days.

3.) I'm currently writing a horror short story called "The Three Day Photographer". I'm not sure when I'll be posting it though. I'm submitting it as part of a required portfolio in order to get into a creative writing class at my school. So, perhaps I'll post it after the teacher makes her decisions on who gets in?

So, I guess that sums up my next week or so. I have more The Bombardiers quotes, but I'm entirely sure when I'll be posting more. I don't want to spoil everything, after all. 

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  1. Anonymous10/18/2011

    Good luck with your short story. Two of mine made it into my books. You never know when you can use them like that sometime in the future.


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