Oct 8, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers (Mystery Character Summary)

And it's time for the last The Bombardiers teaser summary. Have a look:


Since Altea's inception, I have watched and waited. In different positions. In different places. With different personalities. And occasionally, different faces. But throughout it all, from beginning to now, I have been there.

And I will be there to see the end.

Because after so many years of watching and waiting, hoping and pleading, my prayers have been answered. By Xi. I'm not entirely sure who Xi is, though I'm almost positive I know where Xi came from and why Xi is doing what Xi is doing. 

But in the grand scheme of things, Xi's motives do not matter. All that matters is that Xi wins. All that matters is that Executives fall. It is only when every stitch that holds Altea together is ripped from its seams that I will be able to rest in peace. 

Until then, I will keep watching and waiting.

And at the end of all things, I will only have one thing left to say.

Every single god of man, bless the Bombardiers.

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