Oct 4, 2011

Poetry: The Chain

*Strong language warning*

For every link of every chain 
That I have ever seen
Blood like rust and ancient dust 
Are scattered in between
They represent the toil of man
They represent his pain
They represent all of his loss
They represent his gain

For every chop of every axe 
That I have ever known
Chips of life and screams of strife
Emerge from that wood grown
They represent the pride of man
They represent his greed
They represent all of the warnings
That man never heeds

For every strike of every hammer
I have ever heard
Groans of toil and laughs of spoil
Emerge, the lines are blurred
They represent the common man
They represent the rich
They represent the greedy bastard
And his loathsome bitch

For every cheer of happiness
That I have ever cheered
Whispers rough and murmurs gruff
Bled right into my ears
They represent the hidden lives
They represent the poor
The represent the invisible
They represent still more
For every word of every fact
That I have ever gained
Knowledge cold, assertions bold
Have crept into my brain
They represent the crimes of man
They represent the sin
They know that all that man has done
Man will do again

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  1. we have a way of repeating ourselves again and again, particularly in those sins...the strong language is not over the top...some intriguing images and what they represent...nice piece...

  2. @ Brian- Thank you for reading. I'm glad you like it. =)

  3. Excellent. Well-thought out - creatively and
    written in an authentic voice.

  4. "They know that all that man has done
    Man will do again"

    Unfortunately that's true, isn't it? This had a great rhythm and flow to it :)

  5. Powerful message of those things we should learn from, yet err to do again.

  6. sad but true...and powerfully conveyed...hopefully one day we will learn..

  7. To err is human. Most people abuse this truth, repeatedly doing things they already know will do them and others harm.

    This is another striking piece, Nick :)

  8. Anonymous10/05/2011

    I love the structure here, building a foundation of pain and sin, anguish and despair....and anger, of course. Great read!

  9. Anonymous10/05/2011

    human....thats what we are, full of flaws, repeating mistakes over and over....but also full of life,love,and determimation....

    another amazing write

  10. @ Shyxter- Yeah, a common observation about humanity, and yet, the warnings that observation gives are never followed...

    @ Shauna- Thanks so much for reading. Glad you enjoyed. =)

    @ lori- Yes, unfortunately, and yet somehow, we always get another chance to redeem ourselves

    @ Relfections- -nods- Really, this is just my take on a common theme

    @ Claudia- What can we do but hope?

    @ anglachel27- Thanks! ^-^

    @ David- Glad I'm keeping the bar up. =)

  11. This has a Kipling quality to it - so facile and well written that it requires two or three reads to appreciate all that has gone into it. Great form particular to it, rhyme and meter spot on and that only accentuates the paradox of man you present here so well. Excellent, Nick.

  12. sad truths here... but nicely written ones :)

  13. @ Beachanny- Comparing me to Kipling? <3

    @ joanna- Thanks! <3

  14. History always repeating itself... will we ever learn?
    Love the cadence of this, the truth of it. Nice job!

  15. @ mrs mediocrity- Thanks for reading! ^-^

  16. Amazing poem. Funny how something as honest as work can sound so evil. Everything is perspective.

  17. This is amazing and I know you are right all the sins will be repeated again and again throughout history and time. It is sad but I feel this will happen again until one day there will not be a chance anymore for this to happen then it can all end


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