Oct 24, 2011

Poetry: The Unbroken Circle (Lyrics)

I wrote this the other day in a mad fit of inspiration. It's actually a song, but I can't sing, so you'll just have to enjoy it as a poem instead. xD


I have walked this path
One thousand times
I have crossed this river
In a million rhymes
I have leapt over mountains
And swam in the depths
But I have never in my whole life
Known the truth of who I am

I have climbed so high
Just to fall so far
I have run so quickly
Just to miss the stars
I have grasped at strands
That have slipped through my fingers
And yet, through all of everything
That age old mystery still lingers

I have hit rock bottom
Just to break that goddamned floor
I have shattered my glass ceiling
Just to realize there was more
I have checked out of my warped mind
Just to be trapped in more damned fear
And I have realized through it all now
That the secret...

The secret...

The secret...

...was just another path straight here

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  1. Well-expressed. I can relate somewhat.

  2. This is very contained and measured frustration until the last stanza, where it seems to really break loose. The images of damage and desperation reinforce the feeling of alienation. Well done.

  3. nice...i can hear the song...and that last stanza is vivid in its realization...just another path to get me here...ha, yes all roads lead to now no matter which we choose...

  4. Anonymous10/25/2011

    The frustration of the search is so powerful, the despair of it, the constant vying for the answer, and then culminating in the raw hard truth: I am me. And I've been me all along. I think it's a really good lesson, from your poem and from life: it's all the other stuff, the running, the struggling, the working, the crashing through ceilings or floors, that is the crap in life. Really very smart, philosophically speaking Nick... true tales of the wise.....

  5. I sang it as I read it
    Wish you were here - it's kinda bluesy, kinda rock
    I never knew I could do music to words...always worked it the other way 'round. That was cool!
    Great piece..everything leads right back to you..ehrr here! GREAT!

  6. PS I have a crap voice...but I could record it & send it to you. It's now an earwig that won't stop! Sigh...........


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