Oct 24, 2011

News: 10/24

I have news! Well, not really too much.

This weeks, I have quite a few things to do.

- Calculus Test on Wednesday
- Drama Presentation on Wednesday

Plus several Japanese tests and a lot more homework.

Anyway, those are the two big things, so I wouldn't expect anything substantial from until Wednesday night or later this week. I'll probably spend all of tomorrow night studying for my Calculus test...I need to do a bit better on this one than I did on the last one. -cough-


Things that should be popping up in the near future:

1.) The Three Day Photographer: Still working on it; Once I finishe writing it, I'll be submitting it to my critique site, editing it, and repeating that a couple of times. After that, it should be out for your consumption. So, like...hm, three weeks or so, maybe? I need to finish writing it first off. I'll be adding a bit more onto it tonight, but I don't want it to interfere too much with either my schoolwork or NaNo, so we'll see.

2.) The Bombardiers: I got to Chapter 11 on my outline (but, of course, all the chapters are just tentative for now). It's clocking in at about 5,000+ words at this point, so I'll guess I'll be expecting another 15k or so outline. Bah! Anyway, it's sounding good for now, but I'll obviously need to flesh it out a bit more in the actual writing.

And...that's pretty much all I have. Um, expect more poetry, like usual? I can't really think of anything else.

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