Oct 19, 2011

Short Story: The Division & The Conqueror, P3 (REN3)

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The Division & The Conqueror, Part 3

Amadeus Fitzer stood hunched over his latest invention. His generator design had gradually improved over the last few months, and he was about to make another breakthrough. He was almost tempted to describe himself as giddy, but, he knew, in order to be taken seriously in the scientific field, one had to be composed and refined. And brilliant. That too.

He slid the panel back over the exposed engine and screwed the casing back together, humming a new tune he’d heard on the radio. He exhaled and rubbed his hands together, hoping this test went better than the last one. All that smoke had done damage to his lab, and subsequently, his house. If he didn’t find affordable property on which to do testing, he was going to end up homeless one day. But that stubborn Naylor Becket just wouldn’t budge! He had the only other property in Renaissance appropriate for dangerous testing. Everywhere else was too populated or too remote. 

He snorted. Then again, it wouldn’t matter if this test went well. If he perfected this generator, he could patent it, sell it to some big name company, and make a fortune. He’d never have to lift a finger again in his life. 

“Okay, time to make your name and your fortune, Amadeus.” He flicked the switches on the side and placed his hand over the power button. He pushed it.

The door slammed open, and he yelped, nearly falling over himself. The generator choked to life, and he forced a smile, regaining his composure before turning to face the intruder. Naylor Beckett stood in his doorway, looking twice as angry as he had earlier. No, no. Definitely more than twice.

“Mr. Beckett, can I help you?”

“Dunno, Fitzer. Seeing as you’re out to ruin me, I can’t say I have much faith in your help.”

He crossed his arms, frowning. “What are you going on about now, Beckett? I haven’t done anything to you.”

Naylor marched up to the table and pounded his fist into the wood. “The hell you haven’t! You got your little rat to hold back my payments, and now the bank is evicting me! My property is going to be sold at auction!”

Amadeus staggered backward, terrified that the enraged Naylor was about to hit him. “W-what? I did no such thing!”

“Don’t you lie to me! You’ve been wanting my property since the day you arrived in town!”

“But…but I would never do something like that! And neither would Eland. He’s a fine young lad.”

Naylor snorted. “The hell you think you’re trying to fool, Fitzer?”

“No one! I’m not trying to fool anyone! I haven’t done anything! I swear!” He held his hands up in defeat, lowering his voice. “I swear, Naylor. It wasn’t me.”

Naylor, growling under his breath, backed off. “Fine. I’m all for finding evidence before I condemn you.”

“You aren’t going to find any, I’m telling you.” He wanted to say more, but an odd sound caught his attention. His generator, working smoothly for the first several minutes, was now beginning to make strange metallic clanging noises. 

 “Fitzer, that thing supposed to sound like that?” Naylor backed away slowly.

“No. No, it is not.” He glanced at his notes. “This shouldn’t be happening!” The generator began to shake. “I had Eland double check it! I—” He froze. 


“Fitzer, that thing is--!”


Brian casually leaned back against the old wooden fence and watched as a massive plume of smoke and fire shot up from Fitzer’s property. “Well, guess that settles that.”


Rule of Three Blogfest Entry, part3

"The Division & The Conqueror", part3

  Third Character: Amadeus Fitzer

Word Count: 595

Prompt(s):  Betrayal is in the air


  1. Great bait and switch, especially with last week's foreshadowing.

  2. That was an unexpected ending!

  3. Oh my gosh! What an explosive ending! This can't be the last of it!

    I'll be back next week to see how it all ties up! :)

  4. Anonymous10/19/2011

    what an ending. I can't wait to see the final chapter. And random, I know, but I really like your blog title.

  5. Fantastic! I love the last bit, the twist is great. :)

  6. explosive ending indeed...

    REALLY looking forward to week four.

    co-host #REN3
    Tale Spinning

  7. That was a shock! Can't wait to see what you do next week. ^_^

  8. Lots of cliffhangers around next week - should be some bang-up endings, including this one :-)

  9. I’ve been by to read your entry. All I can say is judging will be tough! Bring on Week 4!



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