Oct 6, 2011

News: 10/6

Whew, lots of stuff going on for the next few weeks, guys.

First off, a recap of this week.

1.) I joined the Rule of Three Blogfest, a month-long writing challenge.

2.) I have decided to stop reviewing The Secret Circle for several reasons, including my disinterest and lack of reader interest. But don't be dismayed. This move will let me focus more on Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

3.) Today, I had something cool happen. I met the poet Robert Mezey. I also bought his award winning poetry book, which he autographed for me. =3

Now, onto next week.

1.) I will continue with the REN3 blogfest. A new prompt will be out tomorrow, and my continuation of The Division & The Conqueror will be posted next Wednesday.

2.) Expect more poetry. Like always.

3.) The final The Bombardiers summaries will be posted, followed up by a character listing that will tell you much more than my obscure little synopses do.

4.) The typical Vampire Diaries and Supernatural reviews.

And, I believe that is all. Unless something unexpected comes up.


  1. Anonymous10/06/2011

    vamp diary was GOOOOOOOOOOOD tonight:)

    have a great one friend

  2. @ David- -cries- I missed it for a poetry reading! I'll have to watch it tomorrow.


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