Oct 9, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers- Character List

Now that I've teased you all with the little summaries enough, let's get a more in depth look at the characters of The Bombardiers.



Name: Xi (another name is revealed within the story)

Age: Exact age unknown

Nationality: Altean

Occupation: N/A

Appearance: A young woman of average height with dark hair, green eyes, and a pale complexion. Occasionally, (usually in an attempt to further a point) Xi will reveal parts of her "inhuman" side. Fiber-optic-like lines will seem to run down her face, turning at sharp angles and disappearing beneath her collar, only to come back into sight as they run down her arms. These lines usually display light pulses of various colors, as do her eyes. However, Xi never specifies what any of her "inhuman" features do or mean.

Motives: Xi's main motive is gradually revealed to overwhelmingly be revenge against the Altean government, though she does seem to have some genuine interest in freeing society from the secret oppression of the Prime Executives. Her underlying drives remain a mystery to most of the characters in the story, even after she reveals her terrible past. Because Xi's emotional and mental states are so unpredictable, none of the other Bombardiers are able to fully decipher her.



Name: Sara Miller

Age: 26

Nationality: Altean

Occupation: Defense Office (a sub-organization of the Altean Justice Administration) secretary

Appearance: A young woman of moderate height with brown eyes, light brown hair, and a medium complexion. She is not particularly strong either physically or emotionally in the beginning. After she is erased, however, she gradually rebuilds herself into a more confident and serious person and trains herself physically to become a more valuable asset on Bombardier missions. 

Motives: After being erased by the AJA for overhearing a secret conversation about Xi, Sara ends up joining forces with the aforementioned terrorist. While she isn't sure what she wants to do at first, she gradually hardens her resolve to take down the Prime Executives and the AJA in order to free the Altean citizens from their hidden oppression. Her ideal goal is to restore the memories of her family and fiance, but she doesn't hold out hope for this at the end, as Xi coldly explains to her that the memory erasure is likely irreversible. 



Name: Richard Ganth

Age: 28

Nationality: First-generation Altean citizen (his parents were immigrants)

Occupation: Foreign Defense Officer (The Foreign Defense Office is a group of trained soldiers that protects diplomats and the like.)

Appearance: A young man of multiple ethnic backgrounds with straight, dark hair and a moderately dark complexion, though his eyes are bright blue. He is tall with a moderate build and is in peak physical condition due to his service in the Foreign Defense Office. 

Motives: When Ganth was a young teenager, his parents used all their life savings to move to Altea in the hopes of providing their son with the best life possible. Four years later, his parents disappeared without a trace, and Ganth was suddenly left surrounded with a group of family friends who think that his parents had died in an accident--years before. Knowing enough to keep his mouth shut, Ganth secretly set out to find out what actually happened. Through his belief in an "outdated God," Ganth kept himself going for more than a decade, until someone from the AJA caught on to one of his hacking attempts and erased him. Or at least tried to. Xi made sure it didn't happen, and in so doing, gained another member for the Bombardiers. Ganth, now armed with a powerful ally and the whole truth, has set his sights on destroying the root of all his misery: Altea itself.



Name: Norton Sater

 Age: 22

Nationality: Altean

Occupation: AJA officer

Appearance: A young man of small stature with a pale complexion, light hair, and dark blue eyes. He seems to be shy and introverted toward most people, but he likes to talk to those willing to listen. He is usually seen wearing crisp, simple suits and carrying his tablet around. 

Motives: Norton grew up in an austere upper class family who valued success and pride over true familial relationships. As a result, Norton became obsessed with getting to the top. Finding it hard to form good relationships, he generally kept to himself and his studies, graduating early and interning in several different Altean government positions in order to get a coveted full-time position in the AJA. And he did. Then he discovered what the AJA actually did, that is, erase people. Horrified, Norton desperately looks for a way out. But once in the AJA, the only way out is erasure. Until Xi offers him an alternative. AJA employee turned double agent, Norton struggles to find a clear drive throughout the course of the story. As the plot nears its climax, he becomes more and more split in two directions. And he has no idea which direction to choose.

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  1. Based on this character write-up, it sounds like you have quite a detailed story. Well done!


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