Jan 26, 2012

Started a New Blog! Presenting "30 Minute Fiction"

So, I have some exciting news! With my lack of writing initiative, I've decided to force myself to get into the habit of writing a lot of different stuff frequently.

So I started a Word Press blog! That's right, I know have a blog on Word Press.

Basically, I write something in 30 minutes or less and post it. Standard title is standard.

Anyway, I'm really excited about this! I'd love it if you'd guys would subscribe to 30 Minute Fiction! I promise I won't spam you with ten crap tons of crappy writing. I promise.

Although you're probably wondering what kind of stuff will end up there. Well, everything. Poetry. Short stories. Snippets from novels I'm working on. Random monologues that don't seem to have a place anywhere. Anything I think up and write in 30 minutes or less.

Personally, I think this is a fun exercise. What do you guys think?

I actually something up there already, a short story entitled "Dorian." If you time, I'd love it if you'd check it out and leave some comments. =)

In case you're still unsure, here's what the "About" page of 30 Minute Fiction has to say about it:


30 Minute Fiction is a blog dedicated to raw, unedited, uncensored, spur-of-the-moment fiction. Prose and poetry. Fantasy and Sci-Fi. G-rated and R. The genres don’t matter. The ratings don’t matter. What matters is that the fiction here is thought-incarnate. No worries about “which words to choose” and “showing not telling.” No getting hung up over a missing comma or a misused word.

This is not the publishing industry. This is the industry of imagination.

These are thoughts that are free flowing. These are words that are once-written, with all their mistakes and awkwardness and rampant uncomfortable disassociation to their ideas. These are characters with a hundred flaws or none at all. These are places with a million colors or no more than black and white. These are plots with a thousand points or a single point. These are things that makes perfect sense or complete nonsense.

30 Minute Fiction is not the place to come for perfection.

It’s the place to come for truth.

In mind.

In thought.

In writing.

-Nick Rolynd

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