Dec 10, 2011

Poetry: Creativity

I ponder the ineptitude of a single blade of grass
To do much more than flutter in the drifts of blusters past
I ponder the inability of the small to do the large
Then I realize that the singular is not what is in charge

I ponder the creation of a trillion blades of grass
That flutter like a fury in the blusters of the past
I ponder my ability to lie within them, staring high
As each blades cuts my face with a sensation of the sky

I ponder the enormity of the earth, the sun, the stars
That shift upon their axes, drifting in an endless tar
I ponder the existence of that single grain of sand
How a number countless by my mind can make it ever grand

I ponder the sheer ignorance of the people on the Earth
Who go about their days as if their lives are not a search
I ponder the ideas of life with meaning and without
And as each answers rolls me by, I then begin to doubt

I ponder the meaning of it all, the grass, the Earth, the stars
And I begin to think of worlds beyond them, a never-ending far
I ponder how these worlds begin their journeys in my mind
And I realize that throughout my life, they have always been mine

I ponder the adeptness of my mind to craft a space
Where a million shards of something great can be so wholly traced
I ponder this great something, this universe of false and fact
Wherein my ideas can curve and stretch into faces so intact

I ponder then these faces that emerge from the dark depths
That fight monsters human, other, more with skills beyond adept
I ponder their emotions that are so far beyond my own
And I wonder how these people live, who inhabit my mental home

I ponder then the reality outside the realm within my mind
And I come to believe that this was destined to all exist in time
I ponder both my skill and curse to see both false and real
And without concern for me or my, I leave it unconcealed

I ponder the inability of the many to see my seeing way
And I wonder how humanity came to be so dull and gray
I ponder how my single life, the grain of sand I am
Can lift the world back up again, with creativity in hand

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