Dec 20, 2011

Poetry: The Dream

My eyes were cast upon a sun
That existed in no worldly time
A frozen sun of wonderlands
Perfectly etched into my mind

But this sun shattered in my eyes
It split into a thousand shards
And each contained a wonderland
That stretched a billion-million yards

These wonderlands that I did see
Held the lonesome weight of mystery
This mystery, it plagued my mind
Until I myself was lost in time

This time of mine trudged ever slow
Toward the white rapids that flow
Into the river of a thousand roads
That leads me on where no one knows

My eyes were cast upon a moon
That existed in no earthly rhyme
A burning moon of crimson hells
Painfully etched into my mind

But this moon crumbled in my eyes
It split into a thousand stones
And each contained a crimson hell
That all the universe bemoaned

These crimson hells I saw again
Held the lonesome weight of Earthly sin
This Earthly sin, it plagued my soul
Until I was lost to all I know

This ignorance, it dragged me down
Toward the darkness in the ground
Toward that which exists beyond
From which no mortal can abscond

My eyes were cast upon a light
That existed in no human mind
A filling light of knowledge pure
Meant for the perfect of my kind

But this knowledge slipped away
It fluttered off into the night
It left my fingers cold and sore
And told me I had lost this fight

This knowledge pure, it was my test
Meant to be won by just the best
But best means perfect in its terms
And humanity is what perfect spurns

So knowledge did not take me high
Instead it left me low and dry
Dying of thirst, to me it seemed
For all the knowledge within dreams

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