Dec 29, 2011

Poetry: The Writing Year

Written for the New Year Couplet prompt at dVerse

I stumbled from a cliff of words
Fell through a lost plot event herd
Tumbled over a scrapped climax
Rolled past a character that got the axe
Flew down toward the grammar hell
That burned my interrobang yells
Floated toward a comma cloud
That beat my page with thunder loud
Flew high so near the sentence sun
That scorched run-ons til they were done
Drifted into that empty space
Where em-dashes gave up the chase
Careened into the black abyss 
Where characterization goes amiss
Got sucked into the genre void
Wherein my label was destroyed
Thrown out into a field of thoughts
The brainstorm field where I first caught
The ideas that then filled my page
With wondrous loves and endless rage
I blinked and spied my lonely pen
Realized I would have to start again
Tossed my page off the scrapping pier
And strode to a new writing year

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