Dec 22, 2011

Poetry: On Writing

For the contrast challenge at dVerse

Down a dark and empty road
I glimpsed upon a beam of light
Drawn toward its hidden code
I garnered knowledge of my life
Drudging with a hollow mode
I gladly skipped toward the sight
Dragged nearer to a heavy load
I guessed at chance that I could fight

Depressed until my back was bowed
I gasped and ran far from the light
Distrustful of its dark abode
I grabbed the weapon of most might
Deranged by all my nightmare's goads
I grappled with my altered sight
Dislodged the evil from its node
I grasped the highest of the heights

Depths beyond where I long rode
I garnered hope to solve my plight
Darkness followed seeds I sowed
I guessed that this was just for spite
Despite its will but to corrode
I gained the needed knowledge slight
Determined still, toward I strode
I glorified my strength to write

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