Sep 19, 2011

Poetry: The Divination


I looked back to the beginning of the end of all things
And within it I saw the wondrous and strange
There was a light within the darkness
That burned my soul right through
And within that light
There was the truth
Of life
Of me
Of you

I peered back to the start of the breaking of my soul
And within it I saw things that at once were foretold
In a crack there was a sign, a memory of mine
It fired every neuron in my shattered, broken mind
And within those shards of me
There was a piece of you
That bound us together
Through and through

I stretched forth my hand and covered the searing sun
I blackened the bright day and with that, I was done
I could not face my memories, not a single one
Until I saw with my cold eyes, the black of setting sun
And within that darkness,
I saw another light
And I ran far from it
In pure and utter fright

But that light appeared before me once again
And it burned right through my retinas and deep into my brain
It burned past my barriers, my thick brick towers fell
And I was forced to face the light, I was forced to tell
Because the light was not a sin
Instead the sin was me
And my sin was to hide the truth
From you
From life
From me

I knew from the beginning of the beginning not the end
That my fortress walls would eventually cave in
I knew this to be true and yet I turned away to cry
Because I knew from the beginning that my words would just be lies
There was never a doubt of this
My divination was not wrong
The truth was meant to be set free
As it has been all along

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  1. really cool verse that carries the weight of truth...nicely told and formed as well..yes it will be free...and though we try to hide...mostly from ourselves....

  2. a few months ago, i got really touched by the old song "through the barricades" and your verse reminded me of this...the burning past barrieres, the brick towers falling...enjoyed this nick and great to see ya in the pub

  3. Anonymous9/28/2011

    no matter where we go on this planet, our internal truth is always present.. and we are all one..I am you and you are me and we are US..

    Very well done ..

  4. Hi Nick! So glad to see you at our pub - this was clever in content and in form. Each stanza pouring into the next one. It's such an amazing admission. I think that men are often just trying to trick us into a bed and when they fall and we peel away their layers, they know they've been called out and their disguises are stripped, their lies foiled. Excellent work, my friend. Gay

  5. Thanks so much, guys! I'm glad you all like it. =3

  6. oh, I love this and can so relate. The flow and telling of this tale is impressive.

  7. Anonymous9/29/2011

    I don't see crazy here, Crazy Chic...... I do see someone who is passionate, loving, capable of sharing herself in the most extraordinary way... Regrets are terrible.. I hate living with them, especially when they involve someone that I love very dearly...... Very beautiful way to express it... much more lovely than my own incessant grumbling around all day about how incredibly stupid I was! I enjoyed your poem!

  8. @ John- Thank you for the compliments. <3


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