Sep 25, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers (Xi's Summary)

So, I've teased you enough about this, huh? Time for a first summary now!


Xi's summary

There is a nation. It's name it Altea. And for the last fifty years, it has been proclaimed the utopia of the world. Millions try to immigrate. Millions more lament their inability to do so. And governments from across the entire planet use Altea as a model of the perfect world.

Altea has no crime. It has no poverty. It has no conflict. It has no social issues.

Except it does.

And for the last five decades, the people who control Altea, the Prime Executives, have been keeping that a secret by using their own technology against the very citizens they pretend to protect. The criminals, the delinquents, the poor...they exist. And when they come into existence, they are promptly erased from it. 

And not a single person knows this.

Except Xi.

Xi sees the truth. Xi hears the truth. Xi knows the truth. And despite the Prime Executives best attempts, Xi exists.

And Xi will do anything and everything to prove to all of Altea and the rest of the world that the others do too.

Even if it means destroying the hopes and dreams of all humanity.


  1. Very cool! I want to read this!

  2. I should probably write it first. xD But don't worry, I have yet to fail at completing NaNo!

  3. Anonymous9/26/2011

    I'm always up for a good tease, and you do it brilliantly....I would so be in lione to buy this if ever published, amazing!

  4. I'm seriously hoping this is my debut novel. My NaNo last year, Soldiers, was a flop. And I ended up scrapping the entire project after realizing it wasn't a good example of my actual writing skills. The Bombardiers fits into my story set much better.


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