Sep 23, 2011

Novel: The Bombardiers (Second Peek)

Hi, it's time for another The Bombardiers peek! Still no full summary for you yet, but we'll get there.

(On a brief other note, I'll get around to the Supernatural premiere and Secret Circle Ep 2 reviews tomorrow. No time for them tonight! Ack!)


"Recent reports confirm that Xi is not working alone..."
"Xi has banded together with several others..."
"Attacked the national army..."
"...stole highly advanced weaponry..."
They were different.

"Can anyone stop these monsters?"
"We don't know what they want..."
"No demands have been made..."
"It's baffling!"

And yet, they were alike.

"What could these people possibly hope to gain?"
"Why hasn't the government been able to stop them?"
"We have yet to receive word..."
"The Executives have been silent..."

They came together by chance.

"Today, seventy two lives were lost..."
"A medical facility, of all places...!"
"These monsters must be stopped!"
"Why does our government seem...?"
"Since we have been so helpless?"     

And they have only one goal.

"The people want the truth..."
"...starting the suspect the Executives aren't..."
"Are they being truthful?"
"Some are starting to think that..."

To expose the truth.

"How many people have to die?"
"The people are living in terror..."
"We're afraid..."
"We're all afraid..."
"...Of these people, these..."

Even if the world hates them for it.

"Today, they gave us a name..."
"...signed their work..."
"...left us their signature..."
"These monsters call themselves..."
"They call themselves..."

The Bombardiers      


  1. Anonymous9/24/2011

    luv this :)

  2. This sounds really good! It peaked my interest! This is definitely something I would your design by the way! ;)

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  4. Great blog. Is this excerpt/sneak-peek from a completed work or a WIP? I like the conversational introduction to your story, and I like alternate worlds oppressed by evil governments and set free by mysterious vigilantes (or at least I like the idea- I've not actually read one of those- or does V for Vendetta count?). I'll look in again in hopes of finding a fuller summary. =]

  5. @ David- Thanks! =3

    @ Nicole- Thank you! It was recently redesigned. ^-^

    @ Paroma- This is a WIP (my NaNo piece this year). The full summary should be coming some time soon, along with a character listing and some other info. =)


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