Sep 18, 2011

Welcome to the New Window!

So, after neglecting Whispers for the longest time, I've finally gotten around to redoing the layout and creating a new angle for it. I intend to add a review element this time around. Books, movies, TV shows...anything with a plot is at my mercy! I already have several books on my radar due for fall and winter releases, so you can expect to see some literary criticism hit the blog in a couple months. Until then, I have quite a few shows I'm looking forward to critiquing.

Poetry will return too, of course! It's my staple. You should start seeing new works in a few days. I'll also be keeping track of my NaNo project again this year, so look out for it come November!

And for anyone who wondered where I ran off to, so sorry I didn't get back into this sooner! But I'm here now, and that's what matters, yeah?

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  1. Anonymous9/18/2011

    welcome back....changes sound good :)


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